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Vizendo Virtual Training Solutions support companies to improve the qualification of their employees

Turn your digital assets into qualification

Increasing complexity in manufacturing is one of the biggest challenges for industrial companies. More and more complex production steps must be implemented in ever shorter time. Training of employees in their work steps is becoming more important, especially in combination with product or process changes. This requires new training methods that make innovative use of the opportunities offered by digitization and make training easier, faster and more flexible. This is made possible with Virtual Training Solutions that support you to turn your digital assets into qualification.

At a glance

Enter a new dimension of training

Virtual Training Solutions can be performed on desktop PCs, tablets, and smart phones to display all relevant information on real objects such as components. Therefore, individual requirements can be displayed to clearly explain assembly steps or repair instructions. In addition, users can move freely around realistically displayed training objects, just like they would with real world objects thanks to augmentation and virtual reality technologies.

Your benefits

Virtual Training Solutions provide tangible advantages over traditional trainings which use expensive prototypes. Find out how you can benefit, too!
Modular approach

A full-service solution coming in three modules

How can your digital assets be used for customized, effective trainings that use state-of-the-art technologies? Virtual Training Solutions are a full-service solution that comes in three modules.

Defining the requirement together with you

A joint assessment with you is the basis of Virtual Training Solutions for your company. It focuses on the development and definition of the requirements as well as the evaluation of the existing data of the respective product with all its variants that are needed for the training. Together with you, we’ll define on-site the project scope and goals and we assess the current situation based on the available digital assets (product structure, 3D CAD data and process data) that we evaluate and adjust.

Creating a customized training solution

Based on the results of the assessment module, we produce individual training materials with our authoring tool “Creator”. It creates effective training scenarios and change managements with predefined operations. Each training course is specifically geared to the requirements of your company. The processing of large data sets and multiple variant management enable scalability and efficiency. During the whole process we stay in close interaction with you and ensure quick iteration loops, so that high quality training material is being developed.

Implementing the virtual training in your company

Finally, we’ll deliver customized training materials in the desired formats (for desktop computers, mobile devices, or as a VR/AR solution, for example). Thanks to augmented and virtual reality technologies, training courses can be held in a realistic virtual environment, which leads to the desired learning success more quickly. The training progress can also be tracked and qualification is possible through statistics. Once the training is handed over, we assist you with the training implementation in your factory, train you how to use the software, and support you with regularly updated training materials that will assure up-to-date training at any time.

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Virtual Training Solutions are part of the Digital Learning Services, which follow the holistic approach of Siemens’ Digital Enterprise Services. With these, our digitization experts support you in the digital transformation of your company. Our service experts work with you to determine when and where your digital transformation should begin – in the three steps Consulting, Implementation, and Optimization.

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