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We provide worldwide knowledge-based, project-driven and innovative business solutions and services.

We combine best-in-class functional experience with process know-how.

As a non-mandatory in-house partner, we contribute to our clients’ success by delivering value-added projects, continuous services and platform services. We are strongly motivated by the key levers of digitalization and automation to continuously provide innovative solutions at Siemens – and beyond. In co-creation with our customers, we act as an incubator for new Global Business Services.

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We look forward to consulting you about your requirements. Please contact our global experts to unlock all the potential benefits for you to achieve impressive results.
  • Global Marketing Services (Marketing & Sales Consulting, Customer Experience Management, Marketing Digitalization)
  • Global Translation Services (Translations in all technical & functional areas, more than 46 language interpretation & consulting) 
  • Documentation Services (Print and Scan Services, Digitalization and Archiving of documents)
  • WorkForceManagement (WMF) Operations (Time and Attendance Center: Customer Service, Operations, Configuration Management)
  • Freight Services
  • Operational Project Logistics
  • Support & Enabling Services incl. applications and service management
  • Service & portfolio management
  • Fairs: consulting, organization and management of tradeshows and conferences
  • Events: realization of on- and offline events (10 to over 15.000 participants)
  • MarCom Operations: Newsletters, Merchandising
  • MarCom operations for IT: Consulting and support in internal and external communication
  • MarCom operations for SCM: Consulting and support in internal and external communication
  • “Incubator” for new GBS services
  • Aim: growth with focus on projects to align with customer’s future service scope
  • Interim organization: Preparation of transfer to an end-state GBS Business

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