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Engineering services for projects in the fields of building infrastructure, industry, and energy.

We help you engineer the future for a better world of tomorrow

As a leading engineering provider we are partner of choice to deliver sustainable value add and create a competitive edge for your projects.

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We bring technologies with purpose to life

Project management and execution is a complex task. Numerous stakeholders,

tight deadlines, challenging delivery terms are crucial for the project success.

We understand how important is for you to focus on the key success factors

and are here to globally support you with the engineering of the systems and solutions for your project. You benefit increased productivity, more flexibility and tailored approach driven by technical competences and expertise of our engineering centers in Bulgaria and India.

The high quality of our services, top engineering know-how and collaboration

will help you win competitive position for your innovative technologies.

Who we are

GBS Engineering at a glance

Our competitive edge engineering services help you successfully drive the rapid change toward innovative, digitalized, and interconnected future and society. Find out more about our experience and global presence.
Key facts about GBS Engineering ofganization

Our global presence in figures

1 Projects

We support you completing over 2000 projects yearly all over the world.

1 Engineers

More than 900 engineers with various type of expertise share the passion for engineering.

1 Languages

5 core languages supported to ensure we meet your requirements.

How can we support you

Explore how our engineering services expertise contributes to your success

We understand innovative technologies with purpose and guide you through the engineering challenges to achieve optimal operational performance of all systems. Discover how can we help you.
What makes us special

We support you to make the most out of your ideas

Our approach

What is like working together

Holistic approach toward technology innovations and individual approach toward customer specifics.
Nothing was left to chance. It is efforts like theirs that makes me excited to work with your team in the coming years.
It has been an absolute pleasure so far. We have reached the Siemens-critical milestones in time. 
They executed the job perfectly. They also were fantastic at communicating with the project team.
GOOD WORK and digital medals are handed out to you all!
Great initiative and enthusiasm for jumping right in and getting things done.
Awesome work! A million thank you also from the customer that expressed its great appreciation for the achievement of this important goal!
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A constantly evolving know-how

Every project is unique and requires a flexible, customized approach. That’s why we constantly develop and extend our areas of excellence.

Why Siemens Global Business Services?

Siemens Global Business Services (GBS) designs, innovates, and efficiently operates business services for Siemens AG units worldwide as well as external customers. Its portfolio comprises transactional and expertise-driven services – with a strong focus on digitalization in areas like business administration, human resources, supply chain management, sales, marketing, and engineering.


Siemens GBS serves its clients globally out of eleven major delivery locations with about 10,000 employees. Siemens GBS headquarters are based in Munich, Germany.

We help you engineer a better future!

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