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Your partner in international assignments

We are your trusted partner in the planning and coordination of international assignments. With our global knowledge and world class service, we can help you deploy talents across borders effectively, mobilizing your workforce worldwide. Our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Bringing Flexibility and Standardization together
Insights | Global Mobility

Bringing Flexibility and Standardization together

With a special project called “Safe Space” this was exactly the goal: bringing flexibility and standardization together to create higher customer value.

Get insights from the Head of Global Mobility Management, Tobias Nehls, in this podcast (German only).

Our team of global experts handles all aspects of business travel

An international business assignment has many aspects. Rapidly changing legal and immigration regulations, along with the trend of moving entire families for extended periods of time all increase the complexity of working abroad.


Our global team of experts will help you manage risks well ahead of time, avoid penalties and ensure compliance with international policies. That way, your talent can have a safe and stress-free arrival abroad, while we take care of the rest. 

Carefree Business Travel

Benefit from our 3 key international services

Our high-quality service is based on many years of expertise working within one of the most international and global companies. Flexible solutions, adaptability to unpredictable market conditions and continuous training of our travel experts ensures carefree business travel planning for you. Whatever your needs, our experienced professionals can guide you with customized mobility solutions.
Insights | Global Mobility

Rethinking Business Travel

Nobody is travelling for business anymore?

While the business travel industry has changed a lot, so did the work behind the scenes. What does this shift in travel behavior mean for businesses and service providers? And why does the new (and “old”!) normal require an expert by your side? 

Your benefits

A reliable end-to-end partner in workforce mobility

With many years of experience in mobilizing our own workforce across the international Siemens organization, we are experts in all aspects from legal and IT to ensuring a smooth transition for your valued employees.

  • You will be served by experienced consultants who specialize in international relocation and risk management
  • With a global footprint and delivery centers all over the world, Global Mobility Management is your local partner. Benefit from a team that works around the clock in many different time zones
  • With our end-to-end IT landscape, you will enjoy increased efficiency, ease and transparency throughout the entire  process
  • Every project is unique. GMM provides flexible solutions tailored to your needs
  • Our risk assessment services allow you to focus on your customers and employees, while we focus on compliance
  • We are your end-to-end partner for mobility consulting

Benefit from our expertise in international workforce management

  • For over 25 years, we have served our own organization in making international assignments possible.
  • We offer in-house experts in tax, social security and immigration, making us an end-to-end partner
  • We provide you consulting and risk management around tax liabilities on international assignments
  • Our team is pragmatic and customer-oriented
  • We have a strong partnership with external providers

We send people on international assignments, supporting cross-boarder hirings and managing business trips. It may seem like a business but it’s definitely more!

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What our customers say about us

At the end of the day you can rely on the Global Mobility Management team in any circumstances, at any time.
The delegation support from the regional team was excellent.
Thank you for being such a reliable partner, it has been great working with you.

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Why Siemens Global Business Services?

Siemens Global Business Services (GBS) designs, innovates, and efficiently operates business services for Siemens AG units worldwide as well as external customers. Its portfolio comprises transactional and expertise-driven services – with a strong focus on digitalization in areas like business administration, human resources, supply chain management, sales, marketing, and engineering.


Siemens GBS serves its clients globally out of eleven major delivery locations with about 10,000 employees. Siemens GBS headquarters are based in Munich, Germany.

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