Human Asset Management

Manage compensation programs easily

We support your business leaders become owners of key Human Resources topics like Performance Management, Compensation, and Succession Planning. Applying the best practices from Design Thinking and user-centric software to Human Resources applications, we help drive transparency and collaboration among leaders, from team supervisors to CEOs.

How Human Asset Management supports you

What you get

From the different components and calculations, to benchmarking and analytics: Human Asset Management makes the most complicated compensation programs easy to manage. You can improve your performance with the visibility and understanding via dashboards, including detailed reports. We let you take control by simulating various scenarios to get an idea of the cost impact.
The tools are very easy to use and give a great overview, which supports the user to give the right amount compared to salary and others. It should be rewarded and copied in the future.
Stephan Sticher (Siemens AG - Smart Infrastructure)
Your benefits

Human Asset Management at a glance

Find out more about Human Asset Management at a glance, to unlock all the potential benefits for you to achieve impressive results.
  • Allocate your budget and resources in the most effective way while eliminating complexity.
  • Manage critical processes in the fastest and easiest way with customized and reliable features.
  • Simulate and compare multiple options and implement the most appropriate ones in just a few clicks. Engage and empower your managers to make the best use of their budgets supported by guidance.
  • Facilitate leadership discussions.
  • Use it the easy way. No user guides nor training needed.
  • Make Human Resources knowledge transparent and easy to understand.
  • Receive transparency through a detailed overview of performance potentials of employees and relevant succession planning.

What makes us special

  • More than 10 years of experience operating in highly complex and global environments, with large employee base (Siemens and Siemens Health­ineers)
  • Award-winning technology e.g. Red Dot Award, IF Award Design Award
  • Great flexibility and customizing to your needs
  • Fully managed end-to-end from concept phase to continuous usage
A great example that shows how digitalization can help not only to re-shape a process but also to ensure much more speed, transparency and customer satisfaction.
Johannes Schelling (Siemens AG - Human Ressources)
Deep dive

Insights into our service

Human Asset Management offers tailored solutions with powerful administration, planning and visualization capabilities. Find out how we can help you facilitate management processes in the most cost-effective way.

Our Applications – Look and Feel

Our tools are designed to be intuitive, cut out complexity and deliver comprehensive overviews in one glance.

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