Proposal Manager in Munich, Germany

What I do

I am currently working as a Proposal Manager with responsibility for coordinating bidding projects. This involves coordinating relevant checks by functions such as Legal and IT as well as the technical and commercial aspects of bid preparation. Risk assessments, management releases, implementation in contractual form and the handover to delivery all also fall within my remit. 
We are working continuously to enhance our internal processes, tools and interfaces alongside our day-to-day business and the many current projects.

What I love about my job

Every day brings new, stimulating challenges to tackle and master in collaboration with a range of colleagues in Germany and other countries. The numerous interfaces to different functions and fields make the work very varied.

The most important lesson I've learned

It will surprise nobody to hear that the pandemic has had a big impact on our field and the way we work. Over time though it has become quite clear that with the right team and working structures, even highly complex international projects can be delivered on an exclusively virtual basis.

Being restricted to purely virtual collaboration often presents challenges, but we are always able to find a way around them together with the aid of clearly defined objectives and structures.

My advice

I feel it is very important that we nurture our natural curiosity and have the courage to seek new solutions and venture beyond our comfort zone.

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