Teamleader in Prag, Czech Republic

What I do

Based in Prague, I lead an international team of consultants who are involved in various projects ranging from finance and analytics through to project management.
GBS Project Management Services and Transformations is always coming up with new, exciting solutions and projects, for example in the area of automation and digitalization.

What I love about my job

I really enjoy the international, collaborative project work, and I love leading my team. What I really value is working with so many different people: Our team is made up of young professionals as well as senior consultants, ranging from 2 - 20 years of professional experience.

My most important learning

The ability to accept people as they are is especially important in a leadership role. As a manager, one of my main tasks is to stand behind my own team, represent their interests, and nurture and develop them.

Every person has his or her own special abilities and skillset, and things that he or she finds fun. As a manager, I need to appreciate these and give my employees a free rein.

My advice

Given the increasingly global nature of our work environment, it‘s important for us to acquire an understanding of other cultures. And this is something that’s best done by working in a different country. I think a job abroad is always a constructive career planning step. My international semester in New York was a good decision that I wouldn’t hesitate to take again.

I have fond memories of the time I spent in New York and enjoy looking back at the pictures of this impressive city. 

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