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Connecting your business with your market and customers

Our global experts support you in providing best-in-class interfaces for your customers. Based on the specific needs of your business, we develop and operate tailor-made customer contact center solutions, including innovative digital touchpoints such as chatbots and voicebots.

Our services at a glance

We offer you excellent services over the entire customer service range

Step by step and together with you we develop the best customer contact solution for your business. Our service includes all aspects of customer service, beginning with an initial analysis. Based on these analysis results we proceed with an in-depth analysis and the solution design to ultimately set up your customer service center for you.
Your benefits

Our promise to you: greater sales, less costs

Investment in expensive (customer retention) ad campaigns will only pay off in the long run when customers actually experience what is purported by the advertising in their daily dealings with the company. If this falls short, even the best external corporate communication will miss its mark.

These are the benefits we offer you

  • Loyal customers: Your clients will share their positive experience with others
  • Great reputation: Making your clients happy will have a positive influence on your company's reputation
  • Cost reduction and enhanced sales: By using our digital solutions you will both reduce your costs and increase your sales revenue
  • Full touchpoint digitalization: You can use new technologies for your customer interaction
  • Increased sales opportunities:  You can identify and forward leads directly to your business
  • Detailed reporting: You will gain deep customer insights through a detailed customer contact dashboard

What makes us special

  • Since 2000 we have been gathering experience with customers´ expectations and their needs when contacting Siemens via digital channels.
  • We listen to customers when we implement efficient customer contact structures.
  • More than 100 specialists develop digital customer contact solutions to provide convenient touchpoints for our customers.
  • Today we handle 730,000 customer requests per year.
  • We operate 9 global customer care center hubs.
This contact center approach greatly improved customer experience, maximized potential sales leads generation and presented a responsible company image to our stakeholders.
Siemens Communication Head, China

Insight into our Service

Learn about how FLCS responded to the challenge that the client, a DAX-listed technology company, needed an efficient solution to receive, clarify and forward customer concerns which come via different communication channels.

Success figures at a glance


customer requests per year

1 hour

response time

1 %

response rate

The cornerstones of excellent customer interaction

Good customer interaction is not defined by company policies but should be based on customer feedback. We survey our customers frequently about their wishes and needs.

Listening to customer expectations and deriving fitting measures

  • Reachability: Customers appreciate ease of use and easy-to-find touchpoints
  • Competence: Customers like to interact with well-trained employees who understand what they want
  • Speed: Customers expect an answer within an acceptable timeframe, depending on their request
  • Social behavior: Customers feel well when their contact person is friendly and gives them the feeling that they are welcome

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Why Siemens Global Business Services?

Siemens Global Business Services (GBS) designs, innovates, and efficiently operates business services for Siemens AG units worldwide as well as external customers. Its portfolio comprises transactional and expertise-driven services – with a strong focus on digitalization in areas like business administration, human resources, supply chain management, sales, marketing, and engineering.


Siemens GBS serves its clients globally out of eleven major delivery locations with about 10,000 employees. Siemens GBS headquarters are based in Munich, Germany.


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