We support you through these challenging times

We continue to provide you with our services and we remain your competent and dedicated Partner of Choice.

Although everybody is affected by the impact of Covid-19 in all areas of our lives, we are making every effort to continue providing services for our customers in the best possible way. We are supporting you with our services so that you can continue with your business and tackle the challenges you are faced with.

Your business continuity is our objective

Only together will we manage these difficult times. All our service lines have undertaken a wide range of measures so that we are able to continue providing our services to you. Our Business Continuity Management System is ensuring that our global operations are not disrupted – supporting you the best way we can is our priority.

We are ensuring the health of our employees

The health and safety of our employees are always our highest priority. Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak began, we have been continuously implementing measures to protect our employees and to ensure at the same time the provision of our services to our clients. We take care of both our employees as well as our customers.

Information about the Covid-19 situation

Information from Siemens about the Covid-19 situation and a business update on its impact can be found here.

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