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Digitalization is one of the major challenges facing industrial production today – but it offers many advantages at the same time. Machine tool manufacturers and users also benefit from increased availability, quality, and efficiency. We’re there as a skilled partner to assist our customers on their path to digitalization. Our digital services create new opportunities to achieve lasting improvements in productivity. Connecting machines and installing the right software creates transparency for your data and processes. All to ensure that you can identify and fully exploit the potential of your machines.

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Identifying and optimally using of all potentials

All operators of industrial production facilities face the same challenge of combating the growing competitive pressure by boosting the efficiency of production. Although this may sound banal, it has profound consequences. After all, no manufacturer in the world can afford to have untapped optimization potential. Detecting this potential requires a comprehensive approach that can use integrated IT processes to optimize production in the machine tool environment.
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Digital Industry Services for a connected world of machines

Digital Industry Services from Motion Control Services help machine operators identify untapped potentials for optimization and improve production with integrated IT processes. Our experts are there to provide advice and guidance: for demand analyses and the resulting concepts for solution architecture and specifications and actual implementation.

Discovering potentials

As part of our professional consulting, we work with you to determine your goals and identify the individual opportunities that digitalization will offer. The focus is on optimization of your production manufacturing. The result is a concept tailored to suit your needs. We also perform a technical review of the plant and the underlying system architecture to determine potentials for digitalization. On this basis we identify the right modules of the digitalization software.

Gaining transparency and certainty

To enable you to benefit from a connected world of machines, you need a comprehensive data inventory and assessment of your hardware. That’s exactly what Motion Control Services does. We give you concrete recommendations to ensure that your machines are optimally connected to the IT system in your manufacturing facility. This provides transparency about how well suited your systems are for digitalization, and you gain confidence in your machine fleet.

Creating the preconditions

By implementing the recommendations from the digitalization check, we update your machine tools to the state of the art and get them ready for digitalization. If necessary, we can make your machine fleet completely digitalization-ready using software updates, hardware upgrades, or retrofitting.

Networking machine tools

We start the process of digitalizing your manufacturing facility in consultation with you and by implementing the defined digitalization concept. The necessary software modules from the CNC Shopfloor Management Software Suite are installed, appropriately configured, and put into operation on-site. Your machines are connected to the higher-level IT system during this stage. Connecting makes the data accessible at any time, for example, in MindSphere. This transparency forms the basis for further analysis. As a result, your manufacturing becomes even more efficient and profitable, and quality is assured. If required, a training program can be provided to complement this phase.

Deriving optimization activities

Discover your potentials for optimization and improve your OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). If required, we’ll perform the entire data analysis for you, or show you how to profitably incorporate the information from the analysis into your maintenance process. Based on the analysis, we’ll advise you on actions you can take to extend machine service life, save costs, and improve quality. 

Improving manufacturing processes

We offer the right solutions to enable you to make the most of the potentials identified for the optimization of your machine fleet – and turn them into specific benefits for your production system. The main elements here are our traditional services like spare part and repair services, service contracts, modernization activities like upgrades, retrofitting, and productivity improvement.

Ensuring availability of your IT system

We take care of system maintenance for you to ensure a high level of availability. This includes database management and software updates, for example. With the appropriate contract in place, we monitor the IT installation around the clock and make sure you have a stable system you can rely on.


Your benefits with Motion Control Services

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased machine availability
  • Cost savings
  • Improved sustainability of your production processes
  • Optimization of asset and resource management

SINUMERIK Virtual Commissioning Services

Virtual Commissioning reduces time to market and optimizes commissioning by eliminating an actual prototype. This approach enables close cooperation in parallel between mechanical development and electrical engineering, rather than sequentially as has been the case in the past. Long before the machine is actually built, its virtual twin can be connected to a real controller and used to commission the controller in a virtual environment. This reduces commissioning time on the real machine by as much as 30 percent.

SINUMERIK Virtual Commissioning Services at a glance

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Traditional Services for continuous improvement

On the path to digital production, our traditional services provide an important foundation for the continous and lasting improvement of your processes. We are there to support you, our customers, throughout the entire lifecycle of your production systems. Whether it’s for drives, motors, or numerical controls, for machine manufacturers, dealers, or machine users, or for product development, production operation, or optimizations: We are where our customers are located, all over the world.

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Motion Control Services: services designed with you in mind

Our services put our customers in the position to improve transparency, use all kinds of resources and machines more efficiently, more productively, and more flexibly, and ensure availability. We’re there for our customers as a skilled partner when it comes to developing new business models – to make the most of the vast opportunities offered by digitalization and secure a lasting competitive advantage. And we’re still on hand to provide traditional services like repairs and spare parts for your maintenance needs, quickly and reliably.

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