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In automotive manufacturing, drive or machine outages in individual stations can swiftly put your entire production system out of action. Regular maintenance intervals are not enough to prevent unplanned production downtimes. It is more important to monitor the status of your production plant and detect imminent faults predictively.   Thanks to our Predictive Services for Presses, we enable connectivity between your press stages and the cloud, thorough expert analysis of both status data and sources of error, and automated analysis based on artificial intelligence. This gives you full transparency regarding the status of your presses, and makes it easier for you to schedule maintenance work and improve availability and productivity of your plant on a lasting basis.    

Our Predictive Services for Presses are available from summer 2018. Our experts are happy to advise you on our offer right now.

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Improve transparency and increase availability

Our predictive services can identify faults before they occur. That means you can plan your maintenance activities better and cut down unplanned downtimes. 
Field of application: automobile manufacturing

Predictive Services for Presses in automobile manufacturing

If a station in an automobile production line experiences an outage, this has the potential to impact on the next stations along the line. Because the downtimes involve huge costs, maximizing plant availability is an important factor in ensuring competitiveness. 

Modular Predictive Services

Predictive Services for Presses consist of three modules: connectivity, analytics, and services:


By designing and installing sensors, a condition monitoring system, and the cloud structure, we ensure connectivity for your press lines, so you can record the necessary operational data. 


Trace anomalies and errors using data analysis

The analytics element compares the patterns of operating data under normal operation against data recorded when faults occur. Typical patterns can be used to detect anomalies that point to imminent faults. The professional knowledge built up by experts enables them to provide meaningful reports on press status, including root cause analyses. 


We use artificial intelligence to analyze the growing volume of data. Learning-capable algorithms are optimized and verified by our experts. 



The analysis then lets us offer the appropriate services, like spare parts supply and modernization of your presses, or outsourcing the entire maintenance activities to Siemens.

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With Predictive Services for Presses, you know right now what your machine’s status will be tomorrow. You can make decisions and take action based on data analytics to improve your press performance. 

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