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Building the smart places of the future with the power of IoT

Being able to manage buildings efficiently has always been a challenge for building operators. As occupants demand to get more control over their environment, systems must become smarter to enable users to have a comfortable and safer experience while optimizing energy usage, space utilization and making sure that buildings stay secure.


Embedding IoT and digitalization into buildings can create large opportunities to not only enhance asset performance but also improve usability. From optimizing the operation of HVAC equipment to creating an automated lighting distribution system, IoT can make a real difference in the life of building operators and users alike through the installation of smart sensors, big data analytics and intuitive user-operated applications.


Together with the Operating Company for Smart Infrastructure, we combine our domain expertise with our digital know-how to support our clients in the journey to create a digital strategy for their building portfolio. By leveraging the latest technology to develop digital solutions, we make sure that our customers achieve the full benefits that smart buildings can deliver for their business.

IoT and Digitalization can create value along the entire lifecycle of a building:

Digital Twin: Reduce the go-to-market time and minimize design risk with the right digital tools to manage building construction and equipment commissioning.


Performance Optimization: Improve energy efficiency and optimize maintenance processes with building management systems for increased business sustainability.


Safety and Security: Make buildings safer and more secure with automated identity and access control and smart notification systems.


Space Utilization: Create flexible workplaces and improve occupancy with smart localization systems and automated room control customized to specific business needs.


User Experience Enhancement: Realize the benefits of higher productivity and workforce engagement – allow users to control room temperature, change lighting levels and find rooms with user-friendly apps.


•Fleet Dashboard: Gain transparency and key insights over operational and financial data of building fleets with an integrated information dashboard.


Create the buildings of the future leveraging the power of IoT – get in touch with us to move forward in the digitalization journey.

Our References

Project reference for a performance dashboard for building management

The Challenge

Our client required a fully cloud-based performance dashboard, that is customizable, monitors buildings KPIs and enables reduction of operational costs from asset maintenance.


Our Approach

By understanding the business context of our client and existing solutions, we enhanced Siemens' Navigator platform with a two-fold approach: Development of a Dashboard that integrated key performance indicators for continuous monitoring and the creation of an Asset Performance Module to optimize asset maintenance – all through an agile methodology that reduced go-to-market time and created significant value to our customer.


The Impact

Leveraging our digital expertise and experience we enabled OPEX reduction through the Asset Performance Module, we significantly increased information and data transparency, and improved business sustainability for our client with an enriched asset lifecycle management.

Digital strategy project for the development of digital districts

The Challenge

Our client wanted to develop a coherent vision for digital districts and understand the key value drivers to ideate and implement impactful digital solutions.


Our Approach

With the help of innovative methods such as customer value co-creation, persona profiles and use case prioritization, our digital experts developed a strategic vision for digital districts jointly with our customer.

Additionally, we identified relevant digitalization use cases, such as smart parking and smart locking systems, that leverage the power of IoT to create value for key stakeholders.


The Impact

We were able to provide a clear strategical direction to our client, identifying and prioritizing a vast amount of digitalization initiatives. Moreover, new business models were identified, which will support our client in their digital journey to develop digital districts.

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