Consumer Goods & Retail

Show the need to digitalize whole value chains to launch personalized products and services for individual demands

Digitalize value chains to cater for fast-changing but individual customer needs


Challenges for consumer-goods companies remain manifold – driven by global trends, such as population growth and urbanization, resource scarcity and rising internet penetration, which are upending traditional sales models.


Digitalization and IoT can unlock value along the complete value chain of consumer-goods companies:


Flexible operation (lot size 1): meeting fast-changing but individual customer needs with personalized goods


Connected products: building better customer engagement models and value-added, personalized services


Digital consumer: marketing brands in a social networked world and delivering through new (online) channels


Only competitive players leverage digitalization and IoT to offer personalized products and services. We accompany consumer-goods companies on their transformation journey – from automation to digitalization.

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