Electrical & Electronics

Use the power of smart devices to build the backbone of future Edge/IoT ecosystems

Electrical and Electronics (E&E) firms particularly face convergence of OT and IT. As software decouples from hardware, new IT competitors enter industrial and consumer electronic markets to make devices smart.

Digitalization and IoT drive the E&E industry transformation in the areas of:   

Edge computing: combining both local and cloud computing for app installation & deployment on-demand

Secure connectivity: connecting smart devices to networks using secure communication protocols

Big data analytics: mining through large quantities of unstructured data to understand and to utilize data


We advise companies in building successful vertical and securely connected IoT ecosystem combining domain know-how and new technologies such as edge computing, data analytics and artificial intelligence.


- Industrial electronics (Factory Automation)

- Consumer electronics

- Telecommunication


Our Reference

Creating a "Digital Twin" of business processes

Project reference for procurement in Electrical & Electronics industries


The Challenge
The procurement organization of a client in the electronics industry faced the challenge to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their complex purchase-to-pay processes.

Our Approach
We implemented the innovative process mining tool "Celonis" to evaluate the purchase-to-pay process of our client. By visualizing the process we identified weaknesses and quantified respective improvement potentials. Further we leveraged the data to identify areas of application for robotic process automation.


The Impact
We were able to advance process maturity and stability in procurement as well as in accounting. The organizational setup was adjusted to support the improved processes. The implemented monitoring process ensures the sustainability of our measures and allows for further improvement.



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