Tackle the challenges of decentralization and benefit from grid intelligence

Decentralization of power generation and an increasing demand for sustainability force energy management providers to rethink existing solutions. In the race for managing these complex challenges access to real-time data is a crucial success factor.

However, digitalization of smart grids and smart metering requires both, coordination of a high number of connected devices and considerable cybersecurity efforts. Only then, opportunities for grid asset management, remote plant management, service and predictive maintenance can be exploited.


Enabling new business models and improving field service performance through digital technologies

Project reference for service in the energy industry


The Challenge
A client was looking for a new field expert service based on digital technologies to deliver services to industrial installations (e.g., plants) located in crisis areas.

Our Approach
We established technologies for real-time collaboration incl. Augmented and Virtual Reality to support field service staff with expert knowledge anywhere and anytime. Based on this technologies, we identified new business model opportunities and action fields that we supported in their implementation.

Our Impact
Significant additional business potential was tapped for new services and follow up system business for our customer. Moreover, higher system availability & reduced downtimes of our customer's industrial installations were achieved.



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