Webinar: Deploying Agile in a Hardware Team 

Overcoming Challenges to enable Digital Transformations
Webinar, Jul 8, 2020

Webinar: Deploying Agile in a Hardware Team

Date:            July 8, 2020

Time:            11am EST

Duration:     1 hour

What is it about?

The Agile Mindset has enabled digital transformation for many software R&D teams. They deliver fast with higher quality and better customer engagement. For software teams small and large, Agile has generated substantial improvements.

But in hardware, R&D is a different story. Implementing Agile in hardware is a new field and presents unique challenges.  Siemens Advanta has developed deep domain know-how by helping hardware design teams inside and outside of Siemens to leverage Agile practices with outstanding results.


Join our webinar to hear how we created unique digital journeys for some our hardware-based clients.  We will discuss some of the key challenges we have faced and how we overcame them to enable their digital transformation.  We will give you an overview of the tools and techniques that worked for us and the results they generated.


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Martin Valkysers

Martin is a solution focused executive with more than 20 years of success across the consulting, technology, education, and research industries. Having worked in public and private companies, he has extensive experience in business transformation and process optimization increasing both productivity and employee satisfaction. He holds an M.B.A. in International Financial Management from Hogeschool Zeeland (NL) and a diploma for Politics and Economics from the University of the German Armed Forces, Munich.

Shawn Yates

Shawn has over 25 years of experience leading innovation I the medical device industry. His experience includes hardware and software engineering. His passion for making improvements led him to start working with Lean and Agile methodologies over 15 years ago. Now he focuses on process improvement in complex environments such as regulated medical devices, deep research, hardware and business agility for large companies.


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