Machine Building

Harvest digitalization benefits in engineering and contribute to the factory of the future

Machine building companies face increasing complexity in engineering. Simultaneously, end-customers demand flexibility in machine use and fast time-to-market. OEMs look to promote machine skills and services.

Digitalization is a key lever for OEMs to drive technology change in:

Zero engineering: increasing time-to-profit with assisted & automated machine engineering

Lifetime connection: adding services by monitoring and maintaining machinery at end-customers remotely


Machine digital twin: enabling smart factories producing today's and future products autonomously

We have decades of experience in advising machine building firms in harvesting the benefits from digitalization and IoT. We prepare firms to play a key role in contributing to the factories of the future.

- Serial OEMs

- Special equipment manufacturers


Our Reference

Shortening proposal preparation time with smart bidding

Project reference for tender screening in the machine building industry


The Challenge
A client in solution business was confronted with new market requirements demanding very short proposal lead times for approximately 600 proposals of complex solution projects per year.

Our Approach
We employed semi-automatic and domain-specific screening of tender files enabling smart bidding. A systematic approach based on data from previous projects ensured implementation of lessons learned and best practices.

The Impact
With our smart bidding approach our client managed to reduce proposal lead times by 60%.



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