Process Industries

Meet industry targets of productivity and efficiency by running Digital Twin-based industrial integration and service activities

Become digital by integrating engineering and operations based on plant digital twins


Process industries strive to increase productivity and efficiency by becoming digital. Trends range from remote operations, small-scale but flexible production to building self-organized ecosystems all fueled by smart data.


Strong base in electrification and automation allows process industries to reap benefits of digitalization/IoT in:


Real world: integrating engineering and operation by digitally enhanced products and secured connectivity


Virtual world: creating plant digital twins for simulation, commissioning, production e.g. of personalized drugs


Industrial services: improving asset performance with digital solutions to prevent downtimes and cyber attacks


We know the characteristics of each process industry field. Leveraging our domain know-how, we move clients from electrification and automation to digitalization and IoT, fueled by digital twins and smart data.

- Oil & Gas

- Chemicals

- Pharmaceuticals

- Minerals

- Metals

- Fiber Industry, Pulp & Paper


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