Siemens Integrated Project Solution (sips)    

Designed for serious Project Business
sips is the total project management solution from Siemens for the digitalization of your professional project management needs.
Manage your projects with best practices from over 300 assessments

Ubiquitous Collaboration 

sips can be used on any device with a modern browser. No need to install anything as it is always up to date with the latest updates on the server with visualizations that support virtual collaboration like kanbans, virtual obeyas and others. 

Video: All you need to know about sips in just 2 minutes

Projects today are experiencing a high level of complexity and uncertainty. An increasing rate of customer demands coupled with the flood of data and its need to be digitalized, brings the challenges of Project Management to a whole new level of difficulty.


As the primary responsibility of a project manager is to curtail non conformance costs(NCC) for their projects. These NCCs can be incurred due to a variety of reasons –


• Missed action items/risk mitigations

• Undocumented claims

• Incomplete change requests

• Insufficient quality management processes

• Unclear schedules

• Resource bottlenecks

• Project teams are not fully aligned


And today, old school methods and tools are not enough to keep up with these challenges anymore, where unmotivated and overworked project teams operate under the highest pressure.

Our goal is to help businesses run successful projects and having project teams achieving their objectives while having fun in their daily work.

In order to achieve this we developed sips – the Siemens Integrated Project Solution:


• Integrated PM platform that implements best practices collected over all Siemens organizations

• Meaningful interconnectivity of project processes

• Role specific guidance on processes and workflows

• A Project Management platform that fosters interaction among team 

sips is designed to cover a variety of different projects which include:

Customer projects

Internal projects

R&D projects

Plant & Solution projects

Service projects

Project Improvements

sips – Agile Setup


The best way to optimize the experience of sips is by implementing the Project Management Improvement option. The improvement option starts with a gap analysis that helps identify improvement areas within the project. The gaps found will then act as the Product Backlog items which can be rolled out step by step as sips modules.


Our customers receive seamless support through all the phases of a project: From Project Acquisition Phase through Bid and Proposal Management all the way up to Project Execution and Rollout.

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