Transportation & Logistics

Win over customers by embracing digitalization and maximizing your service's reliability and flexibility

Urbanization, climate change and digitalization increasingly shape transport and logistics companies, and their
environment. While their customers expect more and more flexibility and reliability, companies struggle to minimize
costs, manage their assets efficiently and ensure their security.

Digitalization and IoT are key levers to capitalize on these challenges and transforming them into opportunities to create
a competitive advantage: Turning Big Data into Smart Data with the help of AI-based predictive analytics provide realtime
analysis and solutions ranging from predictive maintenance to the forecast of potential disruptions.

Jointly with Siemens businesses, we co-create with our clients a digital roadmap tailored to their business needs, and
advise them in connecting and managing IoT assets, combining domain know-how and new technologies such as cloud
computing, data analytics, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage
for our clients.


  • Rail, Road and Aerospace Transportation
  • Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics

Our Reference

Metro Enterprise Asset Management System

Project reference for digitalization in rail asset management


The Challenge
A megalopolis' metro enterprise was confronted with heterogeneous data originating from multiple sources of their Metro's core systems (IT & OT). It sought to unify this data and take advantage of it by developing an asset management system to implement state-of-the-art digital use cases.


Our Approach
With our proven consulting skills, and together with a team of data hygienists, data scientists, data engineers and domain-experts we analyzed user requirements and defined world class digital use cases that are easily marketable (e.g., predictive maintenance), while also driving our clients' digital transformation.

The Impact
Together with our Siemens colleagues, we enabled our client to embrace digitalization in the metro sector, by developing an asset management system that serves as single source of truth for its data. Furthermore, we defined state of the art digital analytics use cases through the asset management system in order to optimize our client's whole life-cycle costs and improve his overall service performance and maintenance efficiency by deploying our Railigent solution framework.



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