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MuniCubes offers the ideal space for your business in an inspiring, spacious campus atmosphere. Around 30,000 square meters of office space in five freestanding buildings are available in total, with individual equipment, flexible terms and different sizes, from 400 square meters to XXL. The rental spaces offer a wide range of services and infrastructure, such as an award-winning coworking area, a conference zone for six to 240 people, several cafés and restaurants as well as laboratories for research. In addition, there is a professional on-site location management. MuniCubes has everything that characterises innovative and creative work and is perfectly located and well connected. Your ideas need a place? MuniCubes is your answer.
With highly flexible office space, a wide range of services and additional offerings such as coworking, laboratory and test areas, MuniCubes is the perfect address for technically oriented companies and an excellent alternative to the Munich city center. Numerous technology and innovation companies are already represented here, benefiting from the opportunity for exchange and cooperation. 
Sven Engelhardt, Head of Location Management, Siemens Real Estate
Our offer

What kind of areas and possibilities do we have for you?

MuniCubes offers plenty of space for your plans: 30.000 m² of office space in total in several free-standing buildings. Available for lease from 400 m² upwards, combinable on a modular basis and thus almost unlimited possibilities to bring your company to the next level. Offices for exchange, collaboration and cooperation, laboratories for research, open spaces for experiments and events, as well as halls for storage. With flexible equipment, individual terms and prices.


Our specialists from Siemens Real Estate will provide you with on-site advice on space and occupancy planning. If you wish, we would also be pleased to take over the realization for you - all your team has to do is move in.

Location and accessibility

Close, closer, MuniCubes

Close to the office, close to the region, close to the airport, close to the city center. Thanks to efficient local transport, freeways and proximity to the airport, you will always find the best connection. Munich's city center can be reached within 15 minutes, comfortably by subway and train, which stop right in front of the door.
Perfect infrastructure and diverse services

Our all-inclusive package for you

Arrive and get started. It´s that simple. The perfect infrastructure for every purpose is already in place. Support services have your back to help you stay on track and ensure you can focus on your business. Special indoor and outdoor workstations provide a change from your office. A location team is there for you at all times. Well-being services and an exceptional range of catering options satisfy every wish. This is exactly what we mean when we talk about our all-inclusive package.
Green & Sustainable

Not only the view is green around here

MuniCubes is an evolved, green microcosm that surprises with generous open spaces, shady avenues, secluded spots and over 2,000 trees - an oasis in the city where people can enjoy working or just simply relaxing. And it doesn't stop with people: Biodiversity is no coincidence here, instead it is actively promoted by the location management.

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