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  • You can rely on our highly dedicated team of engineers, technicians and specialists to deliver the services you need – safely, professionally and in compliance with all regulations. We are there for you, where you need us, when you need us.

Get the best support for your plant operation

"Drives? What drives?" – With us servicing them, you’ll forget they even exist

Your motors and drives are important assets for reliable production in your heavy industries. You don’t want to have any question marks about them. Which is why you chose Siemens. Good to know that we’re there for you when it comes to keeping them running in constant uptime as well.

Data-based services for your digital transformation

Our support starts with helping you set things up, be trained and take counter-measures should there be any failure, modernizing your assets and prolonging their lives with a scheduled overhaul and regular revisions. Choose from our broad range of services to get the right level of support for your individual operational goals and operating conditions, enhancing your planning reliability. We help you on your transformation to an industry 4.0 digital enterprise.


With big data and advanced diagnostic on your side, you’re ready to move gear to proactive and predictive maintenance of the next generation. So you can be assured that you are maximizing productivity and securing your plant operation. Your drives are one thing you can take off the worry list.


Our service experts are available 24/7 to support your requests:

Headquarter Germany:  +49 911 895 7222

Hub Americas: +1 800 333 7421

Hub Asia: +86 (0)21 5848 5775 (for converters)
                  +86 (0)22 2390 1999 (for motors)


Four reasons to consider our services

You as our customer are at the core of everything we do. We are your partner of choice to ensure the highest reliability and productivity of your plant.
Satish Godbole, Head of Services for Large Drives Applications

Our services in practice

We have decades of experience in keeping plants running. Many clients from various industries in places around the world rely on our large drive services. We hope you will soon, too.