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Siemens Technology Accelerator optimizes the value of a technology by creating a business model and enhancing the assets. Depending on the individual asset and project idea our approach can be customized and offers comprehensive support.  After completion we have created more than just PowerPoint slides - a technology and a business ready for the market.


Our approach in phases

Some of Siemens' inventions have highly valuable applications in markets which are not covered by any Siemens entity. If these inventions don’t make their way to a Siemens product, we take the opportunity and develop them further. Here is our roadmap for an incoming invention. As every technology is different, the process is not always linear, and we tailor our blueprint to every individual project.

Step 1: Evaluation and market analysis 

We evaluate your idea's potential. Together, we look at business opportunities and assess market attractiveness as well as customers' demand. Furthermore, we determine the total project scope and possible future scaling paths.

Step 2: Testing and market feedback

We shape your product or service idea based on real customers' requirements. During a closely monitored pilot stage we test and refine your product according to pilot customers' feedback. These findings enable us to determine the best technology-market fit.

Step 3: Business Building & Scale-up 

Together, we make your idea profitable. We work on a funding model that suits your project best. This might be for example a venture capital funding, licensing or bootstrapping approach. Along the whole process we support you comprehensively in the areas of business, technology, economics, and law. Our joint target is to scale the business and to realize its full potential.


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At Siemens Technology Accelerator, our main focus is the commercialization of innovative technologies. Thus, our target groups are inventors, R&D managers, and business leaders. Together, we put ideas into practice and create value.

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