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See how a Munich-based start-up is setting new standards of electrically powered linear actuators.

How to transform a technology into a solution?

Since its foundation in 2018 MetisMotion GmbH has been providing product designers and engineers with cutting-edge, reliable actuators that stand out for their dynamic and high force density. As former Siemens employees, the founding team succeeded in developing actuators that are 80% smaller, 5 times lighter and up to 10 times more dynamic than comparable electromagnetic drives.


Georg Bachmaier, member of the founding team: “We started with the great vision to create an actuator operating like a muscle for a wide range of applications and the mega trend “humanlike robotics”. We were convinced that our technology had great potential and would even increase its potential as more and more market players recognize its strengths. At the same time we realized that Siemens applications alone did not exploit that potential in full, so we approached Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA). Together we assessed the technology's capabilities, analyzed the market demand, and set up a suitable market entry strategy. With STA behind us we were able to acquire pilot customers in the automation, energy, and aviation business which in turn helped us to get the right investors on board for a great start to turn our vision into reality.”



Establish a partnership of equals 

Stephan Buchholz, Senior Venture Director at STA: "In the case of MetisMotion we encountered a team of Siemens colleagues who were willing to start up a new company based on a promising, patent-protected technology. During the company building process, STA helped acquire the first pilot customers, supported the creation of a business plan, helped find investors, and ultimately negotiated the terms of the deal with both the team and investors. At the same time, the MetisMotion team showed involvement and total commitment which were essential in promoting the project and attracting external venture capital investors as well as lead customers." 

How to find the right support?

Attract solid investment 

Born2Grow GmbH:  “MetisMotion is a very attractive case for us. The patent-protected technology proved capable of covering diverse areas of applications and the team behind MetisMotion impressed us with their expertise and commitment. As a venture capital investor, we also benefited greatly from having STA as a professional partner to negotiate the terms for the spin-off transaction from Siemens. This trusting relationship is being continued by having STA on MetisMotion’s board with their highly valued expertise and extensive network.” 

High-Tech Gründerfonds: “Being aware of STA’s track record we already knew about their hands-on experience in attracting and dealing with venture capital investments. HTGF greatly benefited from STA’s experience from the first contact all the way to having them as co-investor with a clear goal to scale and eventually exit the start-up. STA plays its role as a non-strategic VC and technology in-kind investor very professionally. We are looking forward to investing alongside STA in future deals.”





Build up a customer base

Tobias Bombosch, Supply Chain Management, Siemens Energy: “The actuators developed by MetisMotion fill a gap in the market and that opens up many new business opportunities for us. Thanks to STA’s engagement we have now a professional supplier with exceptional technology capable of meeting our customers' needs and expectations.”

Looking back, it was a bold step to leave Siemens, but our success has proved to us that we were right. Attracting early financing helped us to realize the potential of our technology fully and we have now many additional applications outside the Siemens business fields in the pipeline.
Georg Bachmaier, member of the MetisMotion founding team

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