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See how a Siemens technology  enables the development of innovative robotic solutions in industry and service.

From research to an innovative technology 


Siemens Technology developed a cobot arm as a research platform for robotic applications. Having world-class engineers in the team, this development resulted in a state-of-the-art piece of hardware technology. As Siemens business units decided not to enter the cobot market, Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA) was tasked to scout for a company which would benefit most from this innovative technology.

Rethink Robotics GmbH was established in October 2018 when the HAHN Group acquired the assets of US-based Rethink Robotics, Inc. Combining robotic and automation knowledge with German engineering know-how the company develops industrial applications and generates reliable service offerings for high-quality robotic and cobotic solutions.

Matching technologies and a joint vision

Philipp Walczyk, Venture Director at STA: “We soon identified HAHN Group and its subsidiary Rethink Robotics GmbH as an ideal partner to take over the cobot hardware technology developed by Siemens Technology. HAHN Group had previously acquired the assets of former U.S. cobot pioneer Rethink Robotics Inc. and is targeting to become a leading provider of lightweight robotic and cobot solutions. To complement the acquired assets, HAHN Group was looking for an industry-grade cobot hardware design. A perfect basis for our transaction.”


Daniel Bunse, CEO Rethink Robotics: “With this technology from Siemens, we are getting closer to the start of a new series of robots very quickly and will be presenting a prototype soon.”



Comprehensive technology transfer and STA's commitment


Mirjam Mantel, Project Manager Siemens Technology: “To enable Rethink to develop the technology into a commercial product as quickly as possible, we not only provided a technology transfer but also entered into a joint development agreement for the initial release.”


Stephan Buchholz, Senior Venture Director at STA: “Both sides early on showed interest in making the project a collaboration with mutual benefits, not only technology-wise.  This way we could combine both, underlining STA’s strong commitment to turn the technology into a successful product, and assuring STA’S financial participation in Rethink’s success in the long term. Siemens Digital Industries will of course continue to support the robotics sector with controls and innovative software solutions.” 


This partnership is a further step on the way to building a large German manufacturer for innovative robotic solutions in industry and service.
Thomas Hähn, CEO HAHN Group (Rethink’ majority shareholder)

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