Digital HUB

MindSphere Application Center (Barcelona - Spain)

At the Digital Hub Barcelona, Siemens develops digital solutions for the energy sector.

The digitization of the energy sector in Barcelona

The #DigiHubBarcelona offers actors in the energy sector and Siemens experts an environment where they can co-innovate to create new business models and implement digital solutions to provide as added value to the customer.

Who can participate the Barcelona Digital Hub?

The innovation center of Siemens is an open space for new ideas, equipped with the latest technology from Siemens, which encourages collaboration with companies, universities and start-ups and creates an environment favorable to innovation.

Why Barcelona?

Siemens has chosen Barcelona as the headquarters of this digital solutions development center because it is one of the largest hubs for innovation and start-ups in Europe. Barcelona benefits from a broad ecosystem of start-ups, first-class R&D laboratories, international customers and the ability to attract regional and international talent.

This center is part of the global configuration of the company's MindSphere Applications centers. Each one of the MindSphere Application Centers of Siemens offers a wide digital offer, specialized by sector, for all types of industries.

Today, around 900 software developers, data specialists and engineers are already working together with Siemens customers at these centers to develop digital innovations for data analysis and machine learning. In fact, the company has recently expanded its staff of software experts and currently has more than 24,500 dedicated engineers.

At the Digital Hub in Barcelona, tomorrow's digital solutions will be developed in direct collaboration with our customers in the energy sector. It provides the ideal environment to co-create innovative digital solutions tailored to the needs of the industry     
Oliver Pozo, Director of the Digital Hub Barcelona 

What does the new MindSphere Application Center Barcelona look like?

The Digital Hub Barcelona is a space of more than 500 square meters located in a smart, zero emissions building. It showcases digital equipment that helps energy companies make the most of their data thanks to the power of MindSphere, Siemens’ open source IoT-based cloud platform.