MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy 

Turning your data into value. 

Today’s increasingly digitalized energy landscape generates vast amounts of data. However, fully exploiting this treasure with analysis, smart data management solutions and new digital offerings is a complex task. The MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy was created to support TSOs, DSOs, utilities, industries, and operators of buildings and infrastructures in developing data-based strategies that create added value – in business models, applications, solutions, and services using MindSphere, Siemens’ open, cloud-based IoT operating system.

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The value of data

Unlock the potential of your energy data

Develop new approaches to improvement using your domain knowledge and Siemens’ technical expertise 

The data generated and collected at many points of the energy infrastructures, plus the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), are providing new opportunities for network analysis and transparent grid operation. They also allow for a substantial increase in asset availability and asset lifetime in each area of the energy landscape. 


At the same time, new tools help tackle challenges such as ensuring consistent power quality and managing outages in transmission networks and distribution networks more efficiently. They also enable system stability, grid integration of renewables, load and demand management as well as dealing with changing market conditions through improved consumer engagement and services. Moreover, completely new business models become possible. 

Turning data and expertise into value

Smart data management solutions - Understanding data is key

Typical challenges that need to and can successfully be met by utilities and the field of power supply for industries, buildings, and infrastructures include supply reliability, energy efficiency improvements through the integration of production data and energy consumption, understanding the behavioral patterns of energy consumption, connected e-mobility, meter data management and analytics, and revenue protection.

Co-creation in the MindSphere Application Center

Making the optimal use of the available wealth of data presupposes asking the right questions and analyzing big data properly. This is where the MindSphere Application Center for Internt of Energy comes in: It brings experts from TSOs, DSOs, utilities, industries, buildings, and infrastructures together with Siemens domain experts to explore and co-create innovative digital use-cases and solutions – with the clear aim of turning data into value.

Success stories

Potential unlocked

The optimization potential that can be leveraged is impressively extensive, and the results are remarkable. The MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy helps take full advantage of all opportunities.  

Cloud-based energy-efficiency improvements

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fewer CO₂ emissions in 2017

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reduction in energy consumption

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data points collected per day

Gestamp Automoción S.L. | Madrid, Spain | Automotive supplier   Gestamp is a one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers with industrial plants and R&D centers in 20 countries. The consistent optimization of its factories’ energy consumption has resulted in significant savings.  Siemens implemented an energy-efficiency platform that enables real-time consumption analyses and data-based forecasts at 14 European factories. This enabled Gestamp to reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emissions at its factories by 15 percent.

The co-creation platform

Space for impact

The MindSphere Application Center for Internet of Energy in Nuremberg, Germany, brings both Siemens and customer experts together for workshops and application development in a unique environment that’s conductive to generating innovation and new ideas.

Fostering new ideas and innovation

The design of the premises encourages spirited collaboration and an open exchange of ideas in a setting that’s specifically optimized to promote creative work and innovative thinking in workshops. It facilitates targeted application development and rapid prototyping.

This allows the collaborators to identify and co-create substantial new processes and make use of emerging technologies for numerous grid applications as well as for grid edge and vertical applications using state-of-the-art tools such as digital twins and sophisticated grid simulation. The focus of all workshops and further project support is on hands-on contributions to the creation of added value in an all-electric world. According to demand, workshops can take place on site, at the customer’s premises, and in other locations e.g. in Brazil.    

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The Siemens energy and digitalization experts are looking forward to mutually creating value-adding ways of controlling, managing, and analyzing devices and data that are precisely tailored to your requirements. Let’s take the first step into a sustainable energy future and successful future business together!