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The question of how efficiently machines and systems can be monitored and controlled significantly depends on whether access to relevant data is guaranteed. This is precisely what our apps do: optimize the performance of your production lines around the world in real time.
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Intelligent apps

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by the end of 2021

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Information in real time. At any time.

Our intuitive apps send valuable insights directly to your smart device: Information that can be used to optimize product quality, performance, availability, and energy consumption in a targeted manner.

Depending on the requirements and application area, the apps are available for the MindSphere cloud platform or Siemens Industrial Edge System. Optionally, you can access your systems with specially developed client apps for your smartphone.

IoT gateway
Edge device

Cloud apps

with global access to data

Cloud apps

MindSphere apps for production machines and plants offer advanced insights and analytics into machines and processes independent of their location. You can increase productivity, optimize machine service, and collaborate with other factories: Benefit from global data access to implement data-driven business models for OEMs and plant operators. And the best part: You don’t need to worry about performance, as the cloud infrastructure makes resources available on demand.

Edge apps

for local data processing
close to machines

Edge apps

When it comes to real-time processing of high-frequency data, the Siemens Industrial Edge system reveals its full potential. Interact with your machines, manage your whole inventory, or run complex models to monitor production and processes close to the system. As the apps run on a platform architecture close or at the machines, the data stays within your production floor.

Mobile apps

for fast reactions
and easy interaction

Mobile apps

To properly use the data, you first have to be able to access it. That’s why we’ve introduced mobile client apps that connect to a higher-level processing system, like MindSphere or Siemens Industrial Edge, allowing you to convert your smart device into a machine notification center or mobile performance monitor. Benefit from all the onboard features of your smartphone.

Data visualization

Achieve transparency on energy consumption and enjoy easy dashboarding

Performance Insight

Site-independent analysis of machine and plant performance

Performance Insight enables you to analyze and optimize the performance of machines and plants on the basis of current operating data. Define the key performance indicators and analyze the performance and availability in clearly laid out dashboards.

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Energy Manager

Energy transparency and efficiency for plants and processes

The Energy Manager application records the energy consumption of your machines and plants distributed throughout the world. In this way, you not only achieve ISO 50001-conformant energy transparency, but you can also optimize your energy efficiency by means of a comprehensive analysis of energy costs and consumers. Access your data globally via the MindSphere Cloud – or on your local server via iOS or Android!

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Machine interaction

Interact with your machines and receive notifications


Fast notification on mobile devices

Convert your smartphone into a news ticker for your production: With Notifier, you are automatically notified of important messages from your plant – worldwide, via the cloud-based app or locally via your own Wi-Fi network for even faster response times. Use the feedback function to coordinate actions. Now available for Wear OS and iOS.

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Collaboration Board

The digitalized solution for cause analysis

Collaboration Board helps with the documentation and resolving of problems in production by applying the methods of the Ishikawa or 5 Why cause analysis. It allows the exchange of information between various factories and helps operators and maintenance managers to increase the service life of machines and plants.


Collaboration Board in the Mindsphere Store



The app for the SIMATIC WinCC OA SCADA system

Monitor and control your plant easily 24/7 from your smartphone with the mobile SIMATIC WinCC OA UI app. Around the clock, from any location, and securely thanks to the SSL-encrypted interface. Available for Android KitKat 5.1 or later and iOS 9 or later.


SIMATIC WinCC OA UI in the Apple App Store®


SIMATIC WinCC OA UI in the Google Play Store®


Checking if everything´s okay – remotely and quickly? Not a problem with LOGO!

Mobile operation of your LOGO! control: The LOGO! app allows you to remotely check and control the LOGO! devices. This app connects you via secure Wi-Fi connection with a LOGO! 0BA7 or 0BA8 and allows you to monitor and operate variables using configurable elements such as gauge, buttons, bar graph, output fields, and slide controls.


LOGO! in the Apple App Store®


LOGO! in the Google Play Store®

Machine service and Maintenance

Benefit from the digital maintenance cockpit, the error/alarm logbook, and the root cause analysis

Machine Monitor

Optimal service for the global machine park

With Machine Monitor, plant engineers and plant operators can easily monitor the status of their machines that are in use around the world. Optimize the machine service based on current operating data and improve the machine´s availability.


Machine Monitor in the MindSphere Store

Machine Insight

Increase transparency on machine condition

Identify issues, bottlenecks and improvement opportunities to increase machine availability and performance. Machine Insight gives you a convenient, hassle-free insight into machine states and machine diagnostics.

Data processing

Benefit from flow-based data preprocessing and FMU simulations

Flow Creator

The visual display of workflows in data processing

With Flow Creator, tailored solutions can be created quite easily for data processing and connectivity: Structure your own workflows for local data processing. Your benefits: Only a few minutes of effort – and you will have a graphical user interface which supports pre-defined functions at a single stroke.


Visual Flow Creator in the Mindsphere Store


Bring your Digital Twin of your machines to life

LiveTwin allows to easily deploy Virtual Sensors, Model Predictive Controls and more, reusing models built in 1D simulation tools as Matlab/Simulink or Amesim and utilizing data from the PLCs as well as diagnostic and process information.

Data and Device management

Manage and update your machines and handle their data


Get a grip on your installed base

Use Inventory to scan device information and provide inventory information to other systems and tools and determine what action is needed to ensure device availability.

SIMATIC Automation Tool

Your tool for convenient commissioning and update of SIMATIC modules

With the SIMATIC Automation Tool, you'll have an edge in commissioning, maintenance and service. Access several SIMATIC components at once to update program codes and firmware or retrieve diagnostics and service data from multiple devices.


Full transparency of plant performance

Commissioning and maintenance with SIMATIC S7:

The SIMATIC S7 app connects you quickly and securely to the web server of your controller from your smartphone or tablet. You are granted comprehensive access to multiple functions for diagnostics and control – for example, to view or modify variables and tags, or to obtain an overview of trends.


SIMATIC S7 in the Apple App Store®


SIMATIC S7 in the Google Play Store®

SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient 

Optimum support for commissioning and service

Access to HMI devices with Sm@rtClient: The SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient app allows mobile, remote operator control and monitoring of SIMATIC HMI systems via Wi-Fi or VPN connection. You can view your HMI device on your mobile device as if you were actually present on site, with access to all functions of your SIMATIC HMI system – including the function keys.


SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient in the Apple App Store®


SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtClient in the Google Play Store®

Data Service

Store and structure data of connected machines

With Data Service for Industrial Edge, data from connected machines can be stored and structured. Via API interfaces, other apps on the edge device can also use the storage function and the configured machine data structure.

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Smart machines? No problem with Industrial IoT apps!

Siemens Industrial IoT apps offer a variety of useful functions for processing and visualizing data, supporting machine service or improving human-machine interaction. With the two powerful platforms MindSphere and Siemens Industrial Edge, IIoT apps can be installed and used quickly and easily.


Increased efficiency – thanks to tailored solutions


Smart apps – greater efficiency in production

Would you like to efficiently monitor and control machines and plants? With our apps, you can optimize the performance of your production lines around the world in real time.

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