Machine Monitor

Example of a user interface from the Machine Monitor app on a tablet, in the background an automation system

Keep track of maintenance needs for any machine based on actual machine usage.

Machine Monitor is a flexible tool used to monitor the maintenance status of all your machines via a cascaded overview. Benefit from ahead of time notifications for upcoming maintenance and keep track of your service history in the maintenance logbook.

Machine Monitor

Get up-to date insights about the maintenance needs of your assets for an optimized planning of service assignments

Are you a machine builder and want to offer predictive maintenance as a service to your end customers? Do you also want to benefit from automatic notifications and optimize your service quality worldwide? Or are you a machine operator and strive for maximum machine utilization with optimized maintenance costs without jeopardizing the continuous availability of your production machines?


Machine Monitor helps you achieve these goals by allowing you to create freely configurable Maintenance Rules for each machine type and activate them for the continuous monitoring of your machines. Including advance notification for maintenance work that is due soon. In the maintenance logbook, you can also review the service history of all your machines.

“Using solutions from Siemens, we can make the condition of our machines transparent and counteract problems before they even occur. Our customers benefit from higher plant availability, faster service and greater efficiency.”
Johann Philipp Dilo – Managing Director, DiloGroup

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