Example of a user interface from the Notifier app on a smartphone, in the background an automation system

Know what is happening in the plant at all times

With Notifier, you significantly reduce your response and downtime times. You receive notifications about the plant’s status and can exchange push messages with your staff.


Automatic notifications from your facility and push messages to your employees’ smartphones

Notifier actively informs you about the plant’s status and sends notifications based on rules you can easily configure. Material shortage? Inform your supply manager immediately, wherever he is. Problems with your OEM machine? Send your service technicians even before your customer calls.
This is just great: I get the message immediately, right here on my wrist. I can immediately find out where the problem is and act without unnecessary time passing.
Jens Vallentin Hansen, former project manager – CED expert, Vald. Birn A/S, Denmark

Different platforms for global or on-premise notification distribution

Download the mobile Client apps here

Push Notifications from machines with Notifier

Machine downtimes? Material shortage?

Reduce reaction times and downtimes by sending push notifications with Notifier for MindSphere to your staff’s pocket. See who took over responsibilities.

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