Performance Insight

Example of a user interface from the Performance Insight app on a tablet, in the background an automation system

Visualize productivity for any machine, line, or plant

Performance Insight is a flexible tool for calculating and visualizing machine condition. Create dashboards and reports with just a few clicks and benefit from maximum transparency of your machines and plants. 

Performance Insight

Get the most valuable information for precise decision-making to optimize machine availability and performance

Are you a machine builder or machine operator working in the industrial automation field? Do you want to improve your productivity and service? Are you interested in developing new business models? Performance Insight helps you to achieve these goals by quickly and compactly summarizing the key performance indicators of your machines. The app's multiple visualization options present machine states, key performance indicators, and plant parameters in the way that is best for the user.
For me, data is fundamental. What’s important to me is to easily read the quantity, pressure, and temperature of the beer.
Thomas Roiderer, Hacker-Pschorr marquee host, Munich/Germany
Easy Dashboarding with Performance Insight

Do you want to improve your productivity and service?

Increase productivity for any machine, line or plant by calculating and visualizing machine condition with flexible tools - ensuring on demand transparency. Optimize assets by gaining transparency about OEE, quality and further KPIs.

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