Digital ID

  • Siemens issues digital certificates ("Certificates", also known as "Digital IDs") to its employees and agents, to its known business partners and to Siemens web sites in accordance with its "Siemens Issuing CA“.

    Certification Authority ("CA") contact information
    Siemens AG
    CT CYS, Attn. Siemens Issuing CA(s)
    81739 Munich
    Federal Republic of Germany

    E-mail: contact.pki[AT]siemens[DOT]com;
    Certificate Problem Reports to be reached out to: certificate-problem-report[AT]siemens[DOT]com

(For external use only – Siemens Employees can get support at

Certificate consumers can request test certificates of all the certificate types that the Siemens CA issues using the Certificate Problem Report email address above.


Certificate Policy / Certification Practice Statement (“CP/CPS”)