Low Voltage Power Distribution & Electrical Installation Technology

Electrical power distribution in transition

Siemens has been researching and activating over 157 years in the development and improvement of technique in electrical installations globally, in order to meet the increasing demands of clients for safety and economy in all kinds of buildings such as plants, residences and public buildings. Dozens of new Siemens instabus products and systems are intended for the 'smart' electrical installations of buildings. The new products carry out a fast and effective control of heating, air conditioning, lighting and their electrical rolls, with hundreds of applications both abroad and in Greece. Siemens offers systems and implements for the electrical installation technology in buildings regardless of their size and usage. Starting from the electrical distribution board and reaching through the electrical loads, we can implement either simple or complex functions in buildings.

Solutions for future-oriented power distribution

Integrated, transparent, and safe

Our integrated portfolio supports you throughout the entire process chain, from planning and installation to ongoing operation: Communication-capable components enable integration in automated digital environments, make energy flows transparent, and ensure completely safe power distribution. Benefit from our solutions for efficient, flexible power distribution that is also safe and highly available.
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