Keep your team close and your customers even closer

The goal is clear – to digitalize Hong Kong’s power system. But how to achieve it and differentiate from the competitors? Terrance talks about how his team is striving to place the customer at the core. 
Life at Siemens

Keep your team close and your customers even closer

As a city packed with 7 million people, Hong Kong is facing more complicated energy demands. Digitalization will indeed enable the city to get powered up more reliably and efficiently. This is also the mission of Terrence in Siemens.

Attracted by the growth opportunity and the potential of digital business, Terrence started his life in Siemens as a project engineer focusing on energy distribution system. “When I first entered Siemens, my boss told me our team has one mission — to push forward the digital transformation in the power system in Hong Kong.” The mission was clear but there were hurdles too.  At that time, the infrastructure providers have been working with other vendors for over 10 years and the team would need to persuade them in considering Siemens solutions.


Substation is the heart of the power grid. Smart substation is thus the ultimate goal to transform the energy system. “With our smart grid unit SICAM A8000, we have the leverage to win the bid,” says Terrence.  The team came up with an idea in providing the customer with a better solution for condition monitoring and controlling. “That is one of the breakthroughs on the use of the smart grid unit. The parts are there, but nobody has ever came up with such applications.” With SICAM A8000, customer enjoys faster data transmission speed, simpler maintenance and smarter operation

Every day, you are envisioning a mere impossibility.
Terrence Choi

When asking Terrence his recipe of success, he pointed out the importance of placing customers at the core. “The way Siemens does her business is different from the companies I worked before. Getting to know the challenges of our customers is crucial and that was stressed throughout the whole team from the top management to my manager and peers. Customer is willing to invest as long as your solutions address to their pain points.” For dropping by customers’ office has become inseparable from his work, the conversations helped him and his team to familiarize with customers’ needs and that, was also one of major factors contributing to their success. Eventually, Terrence’s team was one of the most efficient team to prove its concept while strategically solving the problem.


Looking back, co-creating digital solutions for customers with his team was one of his most unforgettable moments in Siemens. “It is never easy working here. We have been staying at the forefront of digitalization, and that also implies we don’t have work reference. No matter the smart substation project or auto-switching system, our team can just figure it out the solution ourselves,” he says, “you will never know what you will encounter next, but that is also why I enjoy working here. Every day, you are envisioning a mere impossibility.” 

Making digitalization work

“You will be amazed by how much you can achieve here,” Terrence remarks. “Last year, I joined “Futureland”, the first global Siemens hackathon took place in Germany and I was part of the team representing Hong Kong.” The competition called for innovators across the globe to work on creative solutions that addresses customers’ pain points to make digitalization works. The result? “We were placed in top 15% of ideas against the 600 entries after two days of continuous preparation and pitching in Munich,” says Terrence, “what’s more, our idea was recognized by the management in Hong Kong and now, the project is in full swing and will soon become a reality.”