How does Ingenuity for life affect every one of us?

We create benefits for customers and society through the power of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. Electrification, automation and digitalization from Siemens help improve quality of life.
Ingenuity for life

From inventiveness to Ingenuity for life

For almost 170 years we have been finding ways to improve life in many areas. With our passion for technology, we set standards and create sustainable value – for our customers, for society and for each individual. Our company founder Werner von Siemens would have called this inventiveness. Today we call it Ingenuity for life.

Ingenuity for life ensures the foundation for a strong economy, by mastering the challenges of today’s energy landscape. For example intelligent technologies ensure a stable power supply by managing fluctuations from wind and solar energy sources.


Ingenuity for life brings industry into the future. Mass production thus becomes so flexible that it can even fulfil individual requirements. For example, through the digitalization of the whole production process.


Ingenuity for life makes our cities more liveable and appealing, by making them more efficient and environmentally friendly, and improving punctuality. For example, intelligent networking and control of traffic signals give priority to buses and emergency vehicles.


Together with our customers we tackle the many challenges that face us. Through our expertise in the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization, we improve the lives of people today and create lasting value for future generations.


This is what drives us and this is what we promise. This is Ingenuity for life.

Sustainable energy

Reliable and affordable energy

Energy! The elixir of our modern world. At home as well as at work. Residential and office buildings, industrial complexes and transport systems – all depend on a safe, clean and efficient energy supply.


Today’s energy markets are changing rapidly as a result of efforts to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and the growth of renewable energy sources. Alternative business models and innovative technologies are therefore essential to successfully transition to a new energy landscape.

It all begins with efficient energy production. Wind turbines on land and at sea, as well as turbines that convert energy from gas or coal into electricity – all must function at the highest possible degree of efficiency.


Delivering power requires low-loss and secure transmission and distribution systems. Intelligent networks will reliably integrate decentralized and fluctuating renewable energy supplies into the grid. Decentralized power plants and storage solutions will be connected together, creating virtual power plants that help stabilize the power grid. Finally, state-of-the-art control technology will boost the flexibility of power stations.


The lowest-priced energy is energy that is not needed. Therefore, energy-efficient technologies are key to reducing energy consumption in areas like buildings, production and transportation.


Intelligent infrastructure

Optimizing infrastructure

Sensors, software and control systems are the hallmarks of intelligent infrastructure: making traffic flow smoother, reducing energy consumption, protecting the environment and ensuring cities are attractive places to live and do business in.

Economies and cities need to be competitive and provide a high quality of life.

A functioning infrastructure is the backbone of cities and entire economies. It provides mobility, energy, water, security and a high quality of life. Local and national governments must ensure that infrastructures support both current and future demands. Intelligent infrastructures ensure efficient and reliable delivery of essential services.


Intelligent building management increases security and comfort through IT and automation. In addition it optimizes energy production and consumption in buildings.


Smart, integrated mobility systems ensure high capacity utilization and availability – at lower costs. What's more, people benefit from greater convenience, safety and punctuality.


For economies and cities with limited funds, intelligent technologies are a fast and efficient manner to optimize existing infrastructures. Siemens can help unlock the potential by providing innovative financing solutions.


Future of manufacturing

Faster and more flexible production

Digitalization is dramatically transforming manufacturing. Both process and discrete industries are benefitting from seamless integration of data from product development, production and supply chain. This helps manufacturers to respond flexibly to the specific needs of their customers.

Satisfying individual customer demands and strengthening industry around the world

Competition for industrial enterprises is more intense than ever. Digitalization is putting manufacturing processes on a new track: Plants, products and machines will become more and more networked in an integrated value chain. The main challenges for discrete and process industry are the same: shorten time-to-market, increase flexibility and efficiency.


More and more customers today desire customized products that are affordable, and yet still manufactured to a professional standard and delivered in a timely manner. In order to fulfill these expectations, industrial manufacturers and SMEs must produce goods with a high degree of flexibility and manage the whole process from ordering, product development, production and delivery.


Siemens’ innovations enable manufacturers to upgrade to the latest digital product development and production methods. As a result, companies can significantly improve flexibility and speed, and thus increase customer satisfaction.


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