Smart City Digital Hub

To unleash the potential of digitalization for our city, the first Smart City Digital Hub (also known as MindSphere Application Center - City) was set up at Hong Kong Science Park to create an innovative ecosystem and tackle city challenges with Siemens smart technologies.
Urban Infrastructure

The journey to smart cities

How digitalization makes infrastructure work harder. The wide-ranging digital services offered by Siemens provide greater efficiency and integration to enable cities to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

City Air Management (CyAM)

CyAM is a cloud-based software suite with a dashboard that displays real-time information on the air quality detected by sensors across a city and predicts values for the upcoming three to five days.

Connected City Solutions (CCS)

With data collected by embedded intelligent sensors and devices, CCS integrates Internet of Things, cloud computing and connectivity technologies to support smart city management and enable public convenience.

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Security is fundamental to digitalization. Siemens provides long-term protection of IoT systems and physical infrastructure and offers completely integrated solutions and services for cybersecurity.

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Data Analytics & Deep Learning

By generalizing and analyzing data, Siemens helps you identify associations between extraordinarily complex realms so as to deliver actionable insights.


MindSphere is the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens that lets you connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world.

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Siemens Smart City Developer Community (SSCDC)

Advance smart city innovations via education, networking, co-creation and partnerships

Engaging startups, SMEs, business partners and academia through IoT education, professional networks, co-creation of smart city solutions and strategic partnerships with the help of MindSphere.
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Siemens has been dedicated to providing advanced IoT trainings in recent years. Since the establishment of MindSphere Academy in May 2018, over 250 engineers, academia and CXOs have received trainings on managing digital transformation locally. Siemens will further organize collaborative workshops and market-focus seminars to support local talents on developing scalable digital solutions for Hong Kong’s infrastructure. 



Members will be invited to annual events including the Connected Cities Conference and Siemens Innovation Day and have the chance to network with startups, SMEs and even MNCs.


To enable instant discussions on distinct topics like AI and data analytics, special interest groups will also be created on an online sharing platform where members can grow their knowledge, insights and experiences to speed up IoT development in the aspects of smart building, smart energy and smart mobility.


Through hackathons and startup pitches, members will collaborate on and co-create industry-specific solutions. With the adoption of MindSphere as an online platform, both hackers and companies will find values in this learning environment and will get access to like-minded people to transform industry concepts into real-world applications. 



Siemens will refer potential startups and SMEs to its global startup network and industry connections, in the process helping them become trusted development partners. Free MindSphere trial licenses will also be granted to partners to explore the functionalities of MindSphere, build their own applications, and connect their physical infrastructure, as well as analyze and visualize collected data.


MindSphere Academy Hong Kong

Accelerate IoT innovations for smart cities

Supporting existing and potential ecosystem partners on their path to digital transformation and smart city innovations with MindSphere. 

Harness the potential of IoT

Innovation is about partnership and value co-creation. An open innovation system enables us to share resources and opportunities and creates an ecosystem where everybody contributes and wins. The MindSphere Academy Hong Kong aims to equip existing and new ecosystem partners with mindsets and skills to harness the potential of IoT.

Executive Training: Mastering Digital Transformation for Industry Leaders

This half-day classroom training provides an introduction to MindSphere. The training content ranges from the importance of the MindSphere ecosystem to use cases and a live demonstration of the collection of sensor data and the subsequent data analytics.

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News of Smart City Digital Hub

Our latest news about accelerating smart city development in Hong Kong.

Speak to the Internet of Things

MindSphere is the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens that lets you connect your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. It lets you harness big data from billions of intelligent devices, enabling you to uncover transformational insights.


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