Connected City Solutions (CCS)

Advance urban planning and city operations with Internet of Things
Connected City Solutions (CCS)

Enable IoT connectivity to drive asset efficiency with MindSphere

Driven by MindSphere, connected city solutions optimize city operations by enabling IoT connectivity and city data collection and analysis. MindSphere is an open cloud-based IoT operating system that connects machines, sensors and physical infrastructure to the digital world, harnessing big data from billions of intelligent devices. By using artificial intelligence for data analytics, connecting data tied to embedded city boxes or other city infrastructure can generate transformational insights for city planners to tackle urban challenges, such as public safety, asset management, energy efficiency and traffic congestion.

Embedded City Box (ECB)

Embedded City Box can be installed on any devices like lamppost to collect data including ambient brightness, road traffic, environmental data including temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, vibration level and suspended particulates. Collected data can be analyzed with artificial intelligence to provide insights or predict futures for various urban challenges.

Multi-purpose Lamp Post

Addressing the challenges of energy availability and energy costs, multi-purpose lamp post is not only a street lighting solution utilizing renewable energy, but also a single element with comprehensive functionalities connecting devices to a central platform. It's a smart energy platform powered by wind and solar power with built-in storage, enabling IoT, smart lighting, survelliance or telecom services. In the future, multi-purpose lamp post can empower applications like e-bike charging station, smart parking, traffic intersection, surveillance, weather station, as well as hotspot for advertising, Wi-Fi and USB charging.


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