Control cabinet with two technicians

Residual current protection for socket-outlets now mandatory 

Standard-compliant retrofitting without an additional space requirement. Download the white paper!

In June 2019, the new version of EN 60204-1 "Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machinery" was released. With respect to the standard-compliant features of industrial control cabinets, the update provides a seemingly minor, yet all the more important, change:


In the future, it requires not only a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for protection of socket outlets in the control cabinet, but also the use of a residual current operated circuit breaker (RCCB) with a maximum rated residual current of 30 mA. Such a combination of RCCB/MCB is not a major technical issue, but it traditionally requires twice as much space in the cabinet as an MCB alone.


This white paper shows a space-saving solution which helps you to fulfil the safety requirements for hazardous situations.