High-quality data for your CAE/CAD system

This data is the fast way to your control panel twin

The volume and complexity of the information needed for any project are constantly increasing. We give you the data you need for every process step – from the creation of circuit diagrams and control panel design to ordering, delivery, and production. To ensure that you’ll have no problem exchanging your data in the future, we already offer you standardized data in the eCl@ss format and prefabricated modules for your E-CAD system.

White Paper Modular Engineering in Panel Building:

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Where can you find the right data?

Data offering and data acquisition

Here you’ll learn what data you need to optimize your engineering and where you can find the right data.

Solutions for all projects

What advantages does standardization offer?

Standardization is the basis for modular engineering. Modular engineering enables wiring diagrams to be generated not only a lot quicker, but also fully automatically at the press of a button. Watch this video for more information.

CAx Download Manager

The right data and tools for optimized engineering

Thanks to the extensive CAx data integration, you will be faster, more efficient, and better when it comes to tailoring control panels to individual customer requirements. Our CAx Download Manager offers you the easy option of accessing current product data for your CAD or CAE system. Configure your own download with just a few clicks.

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CAx Download Manager