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DC converters, power controllers and excitation systems

Whether converters, DC/DC controllers or power plant exciter systems: DC technology also plays an important role in the world of drives today. Whether in industry, power plants or smart grid applications: Wherever reliability and longevity are decisive factors, drive and exciter systems in DC technology from Siemens reliably perform their service. The power converter of the SINAMICS family offer you maximum performance and integrated intelligence as well as maximum availability. They are also the ideal partner for our DC motors. As part of a team, they ensure maximum reliability, ease of operation and operating performance. 

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DC converters – SINAMICS DCM

The scalable DC drive: compact, flexible, ready for connection

SINAMICS DC Master is the scalable DC drive system for simple and demanding applications, flexibly expandable from standard to the high performance solution. Many years of experience concentrated know-how and consistent development guarantee highly reliable state-of-the-art solutions. With the two different device versions, the SINAMICS DCM can be optimally integrated into any plant.

The scalable drive system for basic and demanding applications 

The power converter series SINAMICS DC MASTER convinces as a scalable drive system for both basic and demanding applications. For standard control, the DC power converter is equipped with a standard control unit for power converters (Standard CUD). For applications with a need for higher computing performance and a larger number of interfaces, the extension with an additional Control Unit for power converters (Adwanced CUD) is ideal.
The DC power converter of the SINAMICS DC MASTER serie combnes control and regulation and power units in one device and is characterized above all by its compact, space-saving design. 

Technical data overview

Power range
6.3 kW up to 30 MW
Rated direct current
15 up to 3000 A
Rated supply voltage
3 AC 400 up to 950 V

The scalable drive system for retrofit applications 

The SINAMICS DC MASTER Control Module offers the right solution for conversions and modernizations of excisting DC drives. In contrast to the SINAMICS DC MASTER, which consists of control, regulation and power section, the module is primarily used if the power section of the existing systems is retained in the course of modernization. In direct current technology, there are many systems, which can no longer be connected to modern automation system, when they are in their current design. When retrofitting or upgrading these systems, the motor, mechanics and power section are left in the system and the control section is replaced by the control module. This provides an extremely cost-effective modern DC drive with the full range of functions of the proven full digitized devices in the SINAMICS DC MASTER series.

Technical data overview

Connection options for the following rated supply voltages of the armature circuit Power section
3 AC 50 / 125 / 250 / 575 / 1000 V
Rated supply voltages
Electronics supply
DC 24 V (DC 18 up to 30 V); In = 5 A
Rated supply voltages field
2 AC 480 V (+10 / -20 %)
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DC Power converters – SINAMICS DCP

Innovative DC-DC converter

With SINAMICS DCP Siemens starts the new generation bidirectional DC/DC converter. Siemens combines its expertise in DC technology with the advantages of the proven SINAMICS family. Thus it sets standards when it comes to quality, reliability and technical functionality.

The SINAMICS DCP is suitable for industrial applications as well as multi-generator applications in the field of renewable energies. As a bidirectional step-up and step-down controller with scalable performance, it combines several functions in a single device. This allows current to flow in both directions at variable voltage levels. This makes the SINAMICS DCP ideal for charging and discharging batteries or super capacicators. The high internal switching frequency enables a compact design and low weight. This allows it to be installed in the cabinet in a very space-saving manner. Thanks to its very high efficiency, the SINAMICS DCP also maximises the feed-in power to the grid for power generation solutions. 

Technical data overview

Voltage range
 0 V - 800 V DC
0 V - 800 V DC
Max. possible voltage
 1000 V DC (Imax = 5 A for 30 s)
920 V DC (with Derating)
Power output
30 kW @ Ue = Ua = 600 V DC
120 kW @ Ue = Ua = 600 V DC
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