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"How to plan and manage your industrial grid operation for maximum availability"

Grid reliability is a frequent concern for industries. Whether a refinery, an offshore platform, a pipeline, a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant, a state-of-the-art automotive production plant, a coal mine or steel production: some of the core processes used in industry are highly dependent on reliable and uninterruptable electric power supply systems. A restricted availability of power can reduce plant production capabilities dramatically, which in turn can lead to financial setbacks and system blackouts. This causes a necessity for transparent and detailed evaluations of potential value propositions and security measures. 


Discover how you can ensure day-to-day reliability with proven power management solution for industry through grid planning and analysis software. 

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"Optimum Power Supply in Industry

Adequate power quality in industrial companies bares a huge financial potential. Many electrical and electronic components and automation systems in industrial production facilities are sensitive to voltage variations often caused by unexpected sources. Furthermore, they can also cause faults themselves and feed them back into the supply system. 


Explore together the power quality solution offered to you coming from our top-selling product - SICAM Power Solution with its feature in increasing the Power Quality for your factory / power plant via the comprehensive data evaluation record. 

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