Digital Industries Indonesia Innovation Week 2021

29 June - 12 July 2021 
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Digital Industries Indonesia Innovation Week 2021

Innovation to accelerate your digital transformation

Take the opportunity to gain insight from our experts and customer's implementation references at this virtual event on how the technology can answer today's and tomorrow's challenges in the production of discrete and process industries by enabling our customers to address more and more differentiated customer needs, produce faster to market, maintain product quality while at the same time keep the cost efficient. 


We offer you below several topics to enlighten your digital transformation actions:

  • Latest technology and innovation highlights
  • Digital transformation in COVID-19 pandemic situation
  • Industrial communication and cyber-security
  • Virtual commissioning
  • Predictive drive maintenance
  • Digital services
  • Customer's digital implementation stories
  • and many other interesting topics

Links to watch all webinar recording are now available for you at the conference agenda below. 

Experience these features - virtually!

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Jakarta, Indonesia time (GMT+7)

Real implementation of the companies to survive and grow in amidst of pandemic situation through digital transformation in order to accomodate changing market's needs. Find out Siemens' holistic approach through advanced technologies and solutions on making them possible.



Customer's Reference: The successful implementation of digital transformation in pharmaceutical industry

(Baxter International Inc, Singapore)

Part 1 - SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a brand-new visualization system that enables you to overcome the challenges of digitization in machine and plant engineering. We offer a future-proof system that includes new software and hardware which are 'unified' in our TIA Portal platform. Utilizing the latest web and edge technologies combined with open interfaces, you can implement your ideas flexibly and according to application-specific requirements.


Part 2 - Introducing the new generation of high-end operator panels with Multitouch, Industrial Edge and a visualization powered by WinCC Unified. “Seeing what matters – in a brilliant way“ is the perfect description of our latest visualization devices. Get to know what makes the Unified Comfort Panels so special.


Customer's Reference: The implementation of SIMATIC WinCC Unified on spray dryer’s system at Indonesia’s F&B Manufacturer (ZI-ARGUS Indonesia)

We present our industrial PC that is rugged, handy, and a true powerhouse for your mobile workstation. The robust SIMATIC ITP1000 Tablet PC gives you maximum mobile performance for all-day mobile use in the entire industrial environment. Each ITP1000 can be individually configured also with industry-specific functions to provide you with exactly the functionality you need.


Customer's Reference: The implementation of SIMATIC ITP1000 at Indonesia's Cocoa Manufacturer

Commissioning a new production machine or line is a crucial phase of a project. It demonstrates whether the overall system – consisting of mechanics, electrical systems, and automation – will operate as planned. Unplanned behavior can quickly lead to delays and high costs – virtual commissioning greatly reduces this risk. In this session, we offer the overview of virtual commissioning of the machines, the holistic approach of technology that applicable at every level of the commissiong in production process, steps to create the digital twin, and return of investment (ROI) by implementing virtual commissioning.


Jakarta, Indonesia time (GMT+7)



Jakarta, Indonesia time (GMT+7)



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