Indonesia Cloud and Datacenter Convention

Jakarta | May 19, 2022 | 08.00 - 16.00 hrs  

Indonesia is projected to be the fastest growing market for datacenters in SEA, with a growth rate of 22% p.a. over the next 5 years. Additionally, Indonesia ranks first for the greatest mobile e-commerce penetration rate.


At the Indonesia Cloud & Datacenter Convention, taking place in Jakarta on May 19th, 2022, Siemens will join the key stakeholders in datacenter industry to outline the materiality of sustainability issues in the data center industry. Hear from international and local thought-leaders, and deep-dive into topics sessions on market, trends, expectations, challenges, and latest technologies. 

Meet our datacenter expert

Driven by strong sustainability goals, the datacenter industry is at the forefront of exploring cleaner technologies to turn their operations green. In his keynote presentation on the topic of “Renewables & Sustainability in Indonesia Datacenters”, Samir Borkar, Global Head of Smart Infrastructure Verticals, Siemens Singapore Pte. Ltd. will explain the numerous options as solutions towards decarbonizing datacenters and attaining suitability. ​

Our solutions for Data centers

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Data centers are the backbone of our society and industry. Operators are challenged to provide 24x7 availability, be competitive, and achieve unprecedent sustainability targets. At Siemens our experts work closely with our clients to support their projects along the entire lifecycle and across a wide range of disciplines. We do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global services for data centers, such as power distribution, cooling automation, fire safety, and security. Learn more about our outstanding data center solutions via the links on this page – or get in touch with our experts.


Our experience makes the difference – and it continues to grow. Mastering today’s data center challenges is one thing, but to stay ahead of the competition, you need a reliable partner with a comprehensive portfolio and the ingenuity to make real, what truly matters…

How to de-stress the data center infrastructure?

The growth of a data center or data center network is too often constrained by its own design, management practices, production objectives, and resource priorities. When we treat the data center more as an organic entity rather than a human endeavor, we constrain its evolution, to the detriment of both its operators and its customers. In this report, we call your attention to five such constraints that may be commonly found in data center growth plans.

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