Empowering Indonesia’s young generation to be skilled workforce

Supporting Indonesia’s goal of upskilling and reskilling the local workforce

As one of the preferred technology partners to Indonesia for more than 160 years, Siemens continue to stay committed and take an active part in the sustainable development of the country’s infrastructure in the fields of Electrification, Automation, and Digitalization. Through the application of technology, localization and partner development, up-skilling, and re-skilling, we have been making real what matters to Indonesia in the areas of smart infrastructure development, digital transformation of the manufacturing sector, sustainable and clean energy supply. We closely collaborate with higher education institutions in the country through knowledge sharing, training and education of engineering students to better equip them for the industry.

Education in numbers by Siemens AG


Vocational training

In fiscal 2020, Siemens trained 6,800 apprentices and dual students worldwide.


Lifelong learning

In fiscal 2020, Siemens invested a total of 162 million Euro in lifelong learning opportunities – an average of 551 Euro per employee.


A global footprint

Siemens’ vocational education and dual study programs are available in more than 23 countries across the globe.

Vocational Education and Practical Training

We at Siemens firmly believe that every individual is entitled to access to education and this principle guides our actions. Through internship, training, dual education, and mentorship, Siemens provides opportunity for students with the dynamics of the industry, thereby leading to their holistic development.

German Dual Vocational Education Training

Siemens Indonesia was one of the first companies in Indonesia to take part in the GDVET program, German Dual Vocational Education & Training, certified and quality-controlled by EKONID. In April 2018, six apprentices of Siemens began their training in Industrial Mechanics at the Siemens factories in Cilegon and Pulomas.


The apprentices have been trained at Siemens’ premises in 60% of the overall GDVET program duration gaining valuable practical knowledge and experiences. The remaining 40% are composed of the theoretical education part - adjusted to German standard - in the public vocational school SMK 26 Jakarta.


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Student Academic Internship Program

Since 2010, Siemens Indonesia has been providing internship programs for electrical engineering students. This program aims to provide students with an overview of theoretical and practical learning in the industry, enabling students to increase their understanding from a real professional working environment, as well as to set their expectations for a future career in the field of engineering.

Engineering Graduate Program and Commercial Apprenticeship Program Asia Pacific

Engineering Graduate Program (EGP) and Commercial Apprenticeship Program Asia Pacific (CAPAP) are part of our talent pipeline and employer branding initiatives, for us to bring the best talents into our organization. Both programs are made to train outstanding young professionals, equip them with a strong theoretical foundation as well as practical orientation and experience in the essential topic of engineering and commercial.


Siemens Indonesia honored and fortunate to be one the pioneers of conducting Dual VET program in Indonesia. Our involvement in the education program will strengthen the company image as one of the best employers in Indonesia. Become a mentor to these trainees is one of the best experiences because we are providing market-relevant training that improves their chances to be hired faster in the labor market. The competition is always evolving, that is why we have to have our apprentices ready for the real work situation. We build their character to suit the market needs.
Head of Operations, Distribution Systems – Smart Infrastructure, Reda Mahmudi

Partnership with Academic Institution

Establishing a partnership with academic institutions is one of Siemens’ business strategies in Indonesia to involve engineering students with Siemens’ brand and products since the early stage to enable them to be familiar with systems and applications using Siemens' products and solutions. The support of Siemens on academic partnership is to help the institutions with their educational program devise and up-skill their engineering students with the skills and knowledge required by industry.

In-Kind Grants to University

Siemens granted the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB)  with the Siemens Power System Simulator for Engineering (PSS®E) and PSS®SINCAL software to help provide students with the fundamentals experience in using the standard tools used at the power system planning at both utilities and industries. This year, ITB also received an in-kind grant of Substation Automation and Protection Systems from Digital Grid of Smart Infrastructure.


The aim of this grant is to better prepare the graduates with the skills and knowledge required in the complex and competitive market of power systems. This is in line with Siemens’ strategy to digitalize solutions in all infrastructure aspects. We believe that participation of young generation would help more industrial sectors to adopt the use of digitalization in the future.

The partnership with Siemens Indonesia will provide our students with access to cutting-edge technical equipment and software that can make them even more attractive to future employers. Thereupon, we are grateful to Siemens for this grant and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.
ITB’s School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics Dean, Dr. Tutun Juhana.

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