Advanced planning and scheduling software to increase utilization and ensure on-time delivery in the manufacturing operations

August 24, 2022
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At the Indonesia 4.0 Conference & Expo 2022 held at Hotel Bidakara on August 24 - 25, 2022, Siemens presented the advanced planning and scheduling that enables manufacturing industries to efficiently do management of orders and sequencing with product lines, formulas, and production asset.


Aerospace & Automotive, Semi-Conductors & Electronics, Food & Beverage, and Consumer Goods are the mature industries in Indonesia that are ready to embrace the advanced planning and scheduling concepts. It uses advanced math to analyze and calculate achievable production schedules, considering a range of constraints and business rules allowing the planner to generate and evaluate multiple possible scenarios.

Manufacturers traditionally cannot react quickly and intelligently to changes without planning & scheduling tools. The time it takes to generate a schedule using spreadsheets can take hours or even days and it can be difficult to maintain. But there is a new trend toward predictive action using advanced planning & scheduling to synchronizes thousands of resources to create accurate production schedules.
Account Manager of Food & Beverage Industry, Digital Industries of Siemens Indonesia, I Putu Agus Sugita

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Indonesia showed a growth of 3.67% in the non-oil and gas processing industry throughout 2021. In addition, the chemical, pharmaceutical, and traditional medicine industries continued their positive trend by growing 9.61%. Siemens believes the advanced planning and scheduling concepts can help manufacturing industries to produce components more efficiently and at the same time increase production quality as well as quantity. Thus, the advanced planning and scheduling concept can become the enabler for Indonesian industry to regain its status as the main driver of economy.


Siemens also made a positive contribution to the acceleration of the implementation Making Indonesia 4.0 program in Indonesia. Together with Directorate General of Agro Industry, Ministry of Industry, we provide our expertise on the implementation of Industry 4.0 to support Food and Beverage industry. We are harnessing our capabilities, expertise, and global network of partners to supply Indonesia’s food and beverage sector with knowledge and technologies that can be fully applied in their product design, production line, operation, and maintenance to create the future manufacture that able to bring the real and virtual world together. 

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