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Siemens launches smart, reliable and cost-effective circuit breakers for industrial and commercial building in Indonesia

February 27, 2019
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  • The new 3VA molded case circuit breakers set new standards in flexibility and help to cut costs and save time in every phase of the project.
  • The new 3VM molded case circuit breaker is ideally suited to basic applications in infrastructure requiring a reliable and economic solution.


Amidst high economic development and rapid population growth, Indonesia has an important task to manage and use energy as effectively and efficiently as possible. With the increasing energy needs due to the increasing number of houses, various commercial buildings, as well as industry, telecommunications and data centers –require a reliable and efficient power supply.


Taking this into account, Siemens as a leading power and automation technology group, today introduced its new molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) for building, infrastructure and industrial applications in Indonesia. Siemens has added new versions and product features to its 3VA and 3VM series of molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) from its Sentron portfolio. Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) are one of the most important components in the modern low-voltage power distribution. In buildings and industrial plants, molded case circuit breakers protect cables and electrical loads from damage and failures that can be caused by
disruptions such as short circuits or overload.


“Advancement in electrification is one of the essential pillars that Siemens stands for. With the launch of our two new products, 3VA and 3VM MCCB, Siemens is offering a solution to help advance the growth of safe and smart electrical infrastructure in Indonesia,” stated Khalil Fergani, Head of Low Voltage and Products of the Energy Management Division of PT Siemens Indonesia.

With the launch of our two new products, 3VA and 3VM MCCB, Siemens is offering a solution to help advance the growth of safe and smart electrical infrastructure in Indonesia.
Khalil Fergani, Head of Low Voltage and Products, Energy Management Division, PT Siemens Indonesia

He further added, “The products offer unique benefits such as flexibility that allows expansion for other functionalities and can be easily integrated in high level energy management or automation systems. They feature a reliable energy-related data acquisition and transfer that increases the system’s transparency and helps saving the energy consumption.”


As an integrated, variable system, the 3VA MCCB are designed to provide optimum support for every step, from planning and installation to ongoing operation of the electrical energy distribution system. This is also supported by the range of accessories, which is standard for all series and multiple sizes and includes more than 500 components. This makes it an ideal choice for industrial plants with complex infrastructure. In short, 3VA series meets all energy distribution requirements for protecting cables, electrical loads and industrial equipment against electrically induced damage and down times.


Meanwhile, the new 3VM series provides a more economical solution and is optimized for basic applications while also equipped with essential accessories for function expansion. Users can reap many benefits from this system’s combination of price, performance, reliability, and prompt delivery when it comes to planning, installation, and operation of power distribution. In addition to that, its compact design means that it requires minimum space for installation and planning.

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