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Siemens Indonesia donates for victims of Mount Semeru eruption in East Java

December 22, 2021
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Siemens Indonesia and its employees have demonstrated their profound concern for the victims of Mount Semeru eruption in East Java province of Indonesia. The company’s fundraising campaign which was participated by the employees and matched by the company collected IDR 100 million in monetary donations to support those affected by the eruption and its aftermath through the Indonesian Red Cross. 

“We extend our deepest sympathy to the victims of Mount Semeru eruption. At PT Siemens Indonesia, our employees have shown profound solidarity by generously taking part in the company matching donation appeal to ease the sufferings victims,” said Holger Appler, Acting CEO of PT Siemens Indonesia. 


The deadly Mount Semeru volcano eruptions on December 4, 2021, that struck Lumajang, East Java have killed at least 48 people, another 9 still missing, injuring more than 100 others and forcing more than 10.000 people to flee their homes and seek safety. 

We appreciate the generous contribution made by Siemens organization to the Indonesian Red Cross to ease the suffering of the victims in East Java. The donation will be channeled to help people in the affected areas with first-aid and medical treatments, shelters, clean water, and hygiene kits
Secretary General of the Indonesian Red Cross, Mr. Sudirman Said

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