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Siemens Smart Infrastructure: For customers who has inquiry about building automation, fire and life safety, building security, low and medium voltage power distribution, control products and grid control,

please send e-mail to


Siemens Digital Industries: Please contact Industry Helpdesk +62 811 7797 788, +62 811 981582,

E-mail:, DI Business Partner webpage.


Siemens Energy: Please contact +62 811 10658014, E-mail:


Siemens Large Drives Applications: Please contact +62 811 1931 1531, E-mail:


Siemens Healthineers: Contact number +62 21 27543100, Toll Free number 0 800 1472914,

E-mail:, Website: Siemens Healthineers Indonesia


Siemens Mobility:  Please contact +62 811 7797 788, E-mail:

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