Digital solutions for the cement industry

A targeted reduction in the consumption of energy and raw materials

“The safety of bridges depends in part on the quality of the cement.”   Increase profitability through more energy efficiency and more sustainable production – and still deliver consistent quality: Our digitalization solutions not only facilitate raw material and energy savings of up to 20%, they simultaneously ensure highest quality.  

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Energy efficiency and eco-balance

Saving energy and raw materials and increasing sustainability: new approaches in cement production

Alongside the high requirements for quality, the construction industry cannot avoid issues such as “energy efficiency” and “eco-balance”. This even applies to objects where it is less apparent, such as bridges. Now, every phase of the construction process is examined in terms of sustainability, just like with energy-efficient houses. This includes the manufacturing processes for individual construction materials and their individual ingredients, which therefore includes cement.   In energy-intensive industrial sectors such as cement production there is a huge potential for savings in this respect. An optimized production process makes reduced fuel consumption possible. Based on the overall use in the cement industry in Germany – approximately 3 TWh – more than 150,000 households could be supplied with the energy saved. The decisive step involves digitalization of operating and process control – so that in the end cement production will be just as “green” as the end product itself.

Optimization of production potential

The innovative process control system CEMAT on the basis of SIMATIC PCS 7 technology is the best solution for optimization of production potential in cement production. All the necessary function components are already in the system and standardized, even for special process optimization tasks. This includes optimization of the fuel supply for the oven – with fossil fuels or alternative fuels – as well as optimization of mills.

CEMAT allows a forward-looking process control that automatically gives a higher throughput while maintaining product quality. The use of energy and raw materials can be reduced substantially; quality requirements can be set at a high level and production organized in a more flexible way.

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Digitalization solutions in practice

The cement industry is investing in the digitalization of processes.  Find out which projects have already been implemented.
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