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Fiber-based textiles - the beginning of a sustainable bio-economy

“Wood-based fashion that’s not only attractive – but also sets ecological trends.”    The transition from pulp and paper industry to fiber industry progresses – and thus the development to a sustainable bio-economy. Our digitalization solutions support the industry in this.

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Digital Plant at the Hannover Messe

Digitalization brings significant improvements to process industries – from integrated engineering to integrated operations. This is what visitors at the Hannover Messe 2016 were able to experience firsthand.

The pulp and paper industry is turning into the fiber industry

The bio-economy is coming

A large number of products are already being manufactured on the basis of fiber-based raw materials. This trend is accelerating and confronting industry with a transition to a sustainable, bio-economy. In the future, more and more textiles and other materials will be produced from fibers and lignin. It is no surprise that the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) has heralded in the age of fiber.

We developed future-oriented solutions to support industries over the long term during this transition. These are based on the integrated SIPAPER portfolio, which enable our customers to achieve added value over the entire lifecycle. Convince yourself!


The SIPAPER APL family is based on SIMATIC PCS 7 and, therefore, on the world automation standard for the fiber industry. The integrated software solution for model-based process control and regulation is tailored to the pulp and paper industry and increases production quality, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility. SIPAPER APL and COMOS Process & Automation use a joint database for integrated process and automation technology.


SIPAPER DCS APL with SIMIT facilitates increased engineering quality as well as fast commissioning and ramp-up by means of a flexible and simple simulation design.

Take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Quality improvement and homogenization of fibrous materials
  • Fast achievement of quality parameters after starting or product changes
  • Setting cost-effective operating points
  • Sustainable product improvement with optimized process control
  • Increase in environmental compatibility of your paper production.

Remain adaptable

Perfectly coordinated drive systems – SIPAPER drive systems - and specially developed automation and process control systems – SIPAPER process automation – are ready for digitalization in the fiber industry. What does that mean specifically? It means you can simulate your system as a virtual twin on the basis of a consistently uniform data model throughout all phases of the project, before commissioning. This means risk-free optimization, development, and even duplication if necessary. It is possible to intervene directly in the process from a control room while it is happening – for example, by a detailed reading of the drive chain with the help of drive chain analytics as part of the SIPAPER drive system. Together with consistent process automation, this simplifies engineering, reduces time-to-market and increases flexibility and efficiency.


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With our solutions we facilitate success around the world in the pulp and paper industry and support you on the way to a forest fiber business. Find out how it works.
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